Determining if Breast is Best…

April 20, 2009

As Syp has noticed, we’re a transitory bunch at the moment, desperately looking for a fix of a new game until our ‘preferred’ games have updated, or got better, or got rid of bugs, or maybe we’re just disenchanted with them anyway and nothing we’re desperate to play is about to launch (for some of us, I know Jumpgate and Champions are on the map for sooon).

Ysharros posits it’s more of a move to games that we can play for a few months, and that’s what we’re becoming (ok, so she’s talking about herself, but as I read it, it sounded so much like something I might have thought, that I’ve applied it to the blogosphere anyway!). Either way, we’re hopping from game-to-game almost as often as a certain burglar in LotRO changes his trousers (in-game!).

Vanguard was fun, it really was. But there’s no getting around the fact it still had a few issues, and well… we haven’t played it in a week or so, instead we’ve been getting on with the LotRO rep grind (yay, I’m done with it now), and then the crafting instance grind (I can’t suck myself away from this one, despite getting a CRAPPY reward for my gamble last night).

The guys in my stable group (I think that’s better than fixed, because we don’t do everything together), played Age of Conan when it came out, and me and Milinia didn’t, mostly cos we were still enjoying LotRO to the fullest at the time, and also because I was waiting for WAR to come out and didn’t really want to mess about with another game at the time. And I teased them relentlessly about the breasts in-game, not because it offends me (prob. obvious from my post title), but mostly to take the piss out of the fact that was the only thing most people knew about Conan, myself included!

But they made the game sound fun for the first 20 levels, and it made me think about giving it a go. So the free trial client is downloaded and waiting for some action this week. I also bought a copy of the game for under £6 just in case I wanted to play it after the free trial period, and I’m guessing a month will probably be enough before our flightiness takes us to EQ2 or City of Heroes (I think they’re the next front-runners in ways to spend a month before either Land of the Dead (WAR) or Book 8 (LotRO) come out).

And all this talk of Age of Conan gives me a complete excuse to link to this MMORPG interview with the live producer, Henning Solberg.

Not booted up the game yet, cos the trial may as well last as long as possible, so I haven’t got to see character creation, but am sure breasts will play a very large role in my enjoyment of the game. Oh yes.



  1. Whether you love or loathe the breasts in AoC, you certainly can’t ignore them!

  2. ‘Uuuuge tracts of land!

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