Getting Skimpier all the Time

April 26, 2009

Way back when Age of Conan was released I didn’t really feel any pull to play it. Not because it had skimpily-dressed women chars, that doesn’t bother me, simply because I have no sense of the setting and the timing was bad for me starting a new game since I had LotRO and was heavily anticipating WAR’s release and trying to save myself for that (more fool me, eh?). That didn’t stop us relentlessly teasing our male friends that were playing about all the breasts in the game, and breast powahhh!!

So now after a while of grinding in LotRO, WAR’s hiatus for me (I play a little, but am really treading water there until something more interesting happens), and a spell in Vanguard, we decided to test out Age of Conan and I’m quite enjoying it. I have a Bear Shaman and a Herald of Xotli. Playing the Herald more in the group as it’s the right level, but I might play some of the Shaman today. There’s 3 women playing this time around and something unpredictable is happening… we’re all trying to get our clothing as skimpy as possible. When Milinia announced she had a see-through bikini, we demanded to see it and were quite impressed! My herald had a robe for the longest time possible, but yesterday got a croc-skin top with barely any side to it, it was my best moment in the game so far!

So, what Age of Conan really needs, is cosmetic clothing. Seriously.  And for the record, we’re now very close to level 20 so will see if the content goes downhill from hereon in. Am impressed with the nighttime/daytime questing split and the look of the game. Will soon see if it captures our attention enough to pay for a month of play though…



  1. Although the pace of the game changes after Tortage, and the voice acting sadly disappears, the content didn’t used to become sparse until after level 40. I’m hoping they’ve managed to remedy that somewhat.

  2. I demand screen shots!

  3. The skimpy clothes also seem to disappear after level 20. I got a Priest of Mitra (my one other attempt at playing a healer) to 35, and from 20-35 every new piece of armor I got looked exactly the same. Not even the same silhouette like WAR, but the exact same armor model: brown skirt that made her look extra wide in the hips and a stiff brown t-shirt.

    It’s possible they’ve changed that. Maybe it was just something that happened because the game was still very young? But either way, no cute croc-skin tops or halters after level 20 for me.

  4. The best part of the game (IMO) was Tortage. It was immersive and well-designed.

    It went downhill from there.

    They have had a lot of time to make changes since I quit, of course. I’d imagine any number of things I had an issue with have been improved. Not to mention I played for more than a month anyway. 🙂

  5. The nudity challenge! Do keep us posted! 😉

  6. […] friends (feel free to link your blogs in comments if I missed one). Aside from competing as to whose character can get the skimpiest outfit (this time the reason there are no screenies is because I haven’t figured out how to do them), […]

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