Pride and Boasting

April 27, 2009

Codemasters want us to send in boastful emails about our time in LotRO, our memorable moments, etc. And it’s to win cake. I can’t decide on mine, so here’s a few I’m thinking of:

1. The first time we defeated Mordirith in Carn Dum and finishing Book 8 chapter 5 the hard way. It was our second attempt at the fight and meant clearing through almost all of Carn Dum to get to the boss fight, no trolls, but everything else. An insanely long play session. It meant I had to tackle my most hated room in the game (and finally got the hang of playing my capt properly at that moment). If I remember rightly our tank crashed in the fight and had to run back through Carn Dum to join in again and we did it by the skin of our teeth – we’re still playing in mostly the same group, with a notable addition. (And we did it with pantless dwarves!)

2. Book 10 was hell. We had no hunter, and I’m no-one worth depending on for a summons (since I always get lost). For some unknown reason my little group decided to try and get it done on the first night it was released and we swam across Lake Evendim a zillion times, got snippy, felt murderous, but ploughed on through it and completed it. Since that time we’ve been rock-solid friends and companions, brought together by something we put ourselves through and which then became a bonding experience.

3. Killing the Balrog. It took a while, we’re in a casual kinship and we raided twice a week for fairly fixed hours, even when close we didn’t get people to agree to multiple attempts at the Balrog in a week. But, we did it and when we did there was a collective yell of excitement and a feeling of total togetherness as a fairly fixed raiding group (we had some rotating champs and hunters – but even then it was an extended fixed group who grew to know each other really well).

4. The moment I realised we’d done all the hard-mode Moria instances with my capt as the only healer. That was a sense of personal pride, for sure. I love the chaos of healing (and let’s be honest here, if our group didn’t include a skilled loremaster and burglar this would have been much much harder, if not impossible), but it finally made me feel that I’d done an ok job somewhere along the line.

5. The crazy chaos of doing 16th Hall with 4 people. We were bored and looking for a challenge, so decided to take on 16th Hall on hard-mode with 4 of us (champ, capt, loremaster and guardian). Was a fun evening, despite it (perhaps) being our least favourite of the Moria instances, and I’m still not entirely sure how we brought down the bosses, except that we’re very used to playing with each other and know all our strengths, but still!

6. Watching my little sister become one of the most popular people in the kinship, helping a ton of people through every piece of content despite her hellishly busy real life and standing back and watching her character blossom and win loads of RP events held on the server!

That’s off the top of my head this morning. Help me decide which (if any) to submit…


  1. Cake!!

    I think you should send all of them?

  2. Yay for BC 🙂

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