Being Offline

April 30, 2009

Over the last few days I was offline for 22h because my net connection vanished, mid-teamspeak conversation with Spinks. Oops.

22h without the internet drove me to watching TV (no problem there), watching a rubbish film (grr), and then going out and seeing friends. Reading was also suggested and didn’t come to anything. It’s crazy, it was a relaxing time, and probably would have bothered me a lot less if I didn’t really want to do some stuff in all the games I currently have to play. My free trial of Age of Conan is slipping away (but I picked up a cheap copy of the game, so I do have a 30 day upgrade to apply!), on WAR, I was hoping to get out of Tier 1 and into Tier 2 with my Magus… and on LotRO I have a LOT more grinding to get through too.

Yesterday, the net came back up just as I had to leave for work… and since then I’ve been kind of busy in the evenings, which means gaming has to wait until tomorrow…

…I’m not an addict, but I have itchy hands!


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