Interim post

May 1, 2009

In lieu of anything interesting to write, here are today’s screenshots from Age of Conan that made me grin. First, my Herald of Xotli:

And then one of the ambient animals we ran past last night which made me hit the screenshot button:

I know, I know, it’s all very very juvenile. We’re definitely enjoying the game at the moment and I have lots of posts I’m ready to write about any number of topics… but it’ll have to wait till next week because I’m at work tomorrow.


  1. Not quite as entertaining as the Hyenna with 4 testicles……

    • Ah, but if only I’d waited I could have put up the screenshot of the Cock Handler we met tonight!

  2. Wish I had time to play it with you. I feel a bit dumb for buying it atm.

    • you know I discovered we can ‘mentor’ you if you fancy playing alongside regardless of level.. I only found out last night, we should experiment.

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