Is Cash King?

May 4, 2009

I just reached a strange milestone for me. An in-game cash-related one. I’ll even share it with the world – I now have 100g on my LotRO character.

Previously, I’ve never really been a cash generator in a game. I tend to buy whatever I want, and have maybe more than the penniless few, enough to buy my horse and stuff I need to have, but never too much more than that. Due to a bit of luck with legendary weapons being given to me, and a few lucky drops, I now find myself in the enviable position of a bit of a cash cow.

I don’t play the Auction House, in fact I sell things ridiculously cheap quite often, especially if they’re trade resources. But I don’t just throw stuff away either. I have almost everything I need in the game (I could do with better jewellery, perhaps), but I have enough to do all the content I want, so everything I do in-game, generates more cash.

I know people who can always make money in MMOs. My husband is legendary at it (he funded quite a few WoW mounts for people with his Auctioning and tradeskilling). I’m lazy, but that also means I haven’t been buying much recently, plus, as a friend (Elak) pointed out, all the things I do in-game are cash-generators (ie. I grind and don’t spend cash). He’s right. That’s the limit of my LotRO right now. If I was raiding, I’d also have repair bills, so I’m spared that too. I should have the title Avoider of Cash Sinks.

But it made me think. I used to be very cagey about telling people how much cash I had in-game, as if it mattered and I’d be judged by it. Depending on who I was talking about I’d inflate or deflate the amount, but never tell anyone exactly what I had in my bank account, as if I was fearing mugging, theft or general bitchiness and/or gloating about their relative wealth. I think everyone does this, I’m just not entirely sure why. Maybe we don’t want people to ask up to bail them out or buy stuff for them – but it’s not REAL money, it’s a reflection (somewhat) of time spent in the game not spending money, accumulation is standard, loss of cash is variable depending on crafting, need to buy, and general costs (components, travel, death, etc etc).

It’s mostly reached the blog, because I don’t recall many blog posts about cash in-game, I wonder if others lie about what they have, like I will again after today’s revelation. Who knows, I might blow it all on a nice Captain’s Dagger of the First Age I have my eye on… or donate it to my fave in-game charity (they NEED in-game donation mechanisms, so I can sponsor a keep in Warhammer, etc etc), or I might hoard it until I become Smaug-like in my stash!


  1. Congrats!

    Do you think that you will get to a point where you feel that you have enough? I know in WoW I stopped caring about gold because I know I have plenty for anything I might ever want to do.

    • That’s the thing. I think all you need in LotRO is around 10g in ‘savings’, unless you want to shell out on a legendary weapon of awesomeness. So I’ve not actively tried to accumulate it. I’ve given some away when people needed, I don’t sell things for market value, it just sits there… and amasses as I grind.

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