May 5, 2009

Ravious over at Kill Ten Rats brought the following quotation to my attention a few weeks ago:

The only place where I find a very broad approach useful is in convenience of play. What is a player’s overall tolerance for inconvenience and delay of any sort? In that one regard I do tend to think in terms of casual and hardcore I suppose. A hardcore player will put up with less refined UI, buggier content, long travel times, and other things that basically delay or degrade the play experience. A casual player will quit after fairly little irritation of that sort.

It’s taken from a Turbine dev, Vastin and neatly brings a new way of looking at the whole casual/hardcore split into play.

It may have taken me a while to comment on it, but it’s been in my mind since I first read it. It’s also made me look at the way I play. How much inconvenience will I put up with?

Well, recently we’ve been discussing grinding in teamspeak a lot (and when I say ‘we’ I shortly hope to introduce you to the characters in my ‘stable gaming group’ and we’re hoping to bring a few group discussions to the blogosphere. It seems I’m a bit of a grinder, I don’t mind fairly repetitive mindless tasks, even if I don’t particularly need the rewards. I think it’s mostly because if I like a game, I want to be in the universe as often as possible, even if I don’t have anything truly ‘productive’ to do. The lack of raiding in my LotRO life is often a sudden, hard shock to me, but I like to be in the LotRO world, so I find myself enjoying grinding more than some of my counterparts.

Of course, it depends WHAT I’m grinding. If I can web browse a bit while doing it, I enjoy it more… back to inconvenience as an indicator of my comfort levels with the hardcore grind.

And back to that raiding, I guess I could do it, if I got involved, looked for another guild, went with an umbrella raid… but all those things are a little inconvenient right now, so I instead choose to play a more casual game of zero raiding, until I can deal with the inconvenience of finding a raid group once again.

I like the terminology, I thank Vastin for putting it out there.


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