Late links

May 6, 2009

As I read through the multitude of links I have saved in my feed reader, I decided it’s time for a shout-out list of the blog posts I’ve been reading over the past month. Some of them will be oldish, but as I haven’t commented on them (and meant to), here goes:

Player vs Developer contributes a review of 1-50 in EQ2. I mostly bookmarked this as it’s another MMO I never played and which I’m considering a month of sometime just to have a look and expand my MMO experience.

Torvik mentions the hiccoughs some of us fighty-types are having with finding the perfect legendary weapon. Funnily enough, his post is from a while ago, and just today I read a post over at Kill Ten Rats (this time by Suzina) also about legendary weapons. I agree that to a new player, legendary items are a great addition. When we first got our hands we adored them. Hell, I still like the concept of them… and I’ll write more about them soon. But, Torvik does touch on a very real problem of randomness and the fact that some of the weapons on the list really are pointless for some classes (captain and champion daggers as examples!).

Lagwar compares TV to MMO and gaming. They’re the two loves of my life (when you discount husband, cats and family), so I read it with a great deal of interest. I think there are some definite correlations to be made, and it’s something I always wanted to investigate fuller (and did a little over at Book of Grudges), so this inspired me to think about it again.

Unwize includes some speculation on new classes in LotRO. I have one thing to add – if they bring in something new, it’ll be better than the Captain. Adding new classes is a fine art, and actually I think Turbine did ok with the Warden and Runekeeper. Just not sure there’s much else out there to add. I guess we’ll start to hear soon if there are to be new classes infecting us!

EQ3 – I’d give it a try. Keen reminded me it might be an option, so thanks!

Syp rings in with an interesting point – why aren’t there negative traits in-game? And how could they be used to add colour. In some tabletop games, negative traits are there to balance out some of the positive ones. I liked the depth of character available, it’d be a good idea I reckon.

RainbowMMO has been posting some really good stuff recently, especially on the Bioware mini-furore, but rather than linking to the individual posts, go read through all the recent ones!

Snafzg reaches 1 million views. He deserves to. So congrats all round!



  1. There’s plenty of people you can hook up with if you do decide to try EQ2. And as GreenA points out, if you get a referral from an existing player you get some goodies *and* a pretty cheap almost-full copy of the game (everything except the last expansion) all in a lump.

    Let us know if you do! 🙂

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