Back to Pen & Paper

May 7, 2009

It’s a bit strange, but so far the most exciting announcement I’ve seen about Dragon Age: Origins, is that alongside Green Ronin publishing, Bioware is going to release a pen & paper RPG based on Dragon Age. Can’t wait.

I miss tabletop RPGs, it’s where my love of the genre started and was nurtured. I made a ton of friends that way, I know people who met their spouses at tabletop games. I never minded that it made me a geek, because I could go into a room and express my nascent creativity with a like-minded bunch, and we’d laugh for hours, get serious for a while, eat lots of pizza and just kick back and enjoy the whole world of roleplaying, while never taking it too seriously.

It’s no great secret among my friends that I haven’t actually played many Bioware games. My husband has, Spinks has, and most of my friends have. But I’ve mostly concentrated my gaming on MUSHes and MMOs, with a little Ultima back in the day.

Dragon Age is a new IP, and Dragon Age: Origins promises to be a must-buy game for late this year. But as a new IP, we’re not entirely sure what to expect if we haven’t already read every piece on the net about it. I haven’t. I follow the dragonage twitter feed, my husband actually has a friend on the Dragon Age team, but I haven’t really wanted to abuse that, as it’s an old friendship that doesn’t really touch on day-to-day contact.

But bring me a pen & paper RPG so I can indulge my love of deep backgrounds and interesting rulesets, and I’m now prepared to immerse myself into the Dragon Age universe. I will definitely be buying the RPG, and if anyone’s interested Spinks says she’ll run a game (ha ha, sucks to be you now Spinksy!!!).


  1. Green Ronin products are generally of high quality. This is something that people should check out. Time to dig out the polyhedral dice.

  2. Kojarn: Yeah, totally agree. And Chris Pramas is a really good writer, I have very fond memories of Dragonfist.

  3. It would be a long way to travel for a game…..

    • And here I was thinking more of a TS game ;p

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