May 12, 2009

Got home after my weekend away and cracked back on with my crafting instances in LotRO. It was really like coming home, which is always how I feel about LotRO as an MMO. I got some recipe drops I’ve kind of been waiting for. One for the Dawn-Rose Ring of Tactics (new Book 7 ring for those with some tactical damage), so asked my sister to make me one. Then got the recipe for the Tools of the Explorer. In the early days of Mines of Moria I got a kinmate to try multiple times to make me some critted tools (the tools are great, they combine all the tools you need for your craft, whatever it is. Mine is Explorer, another reason I am cash-rich!). Anyway, with my usual luck, I have been without critted tools for a long time.

But a friend has just got to Supreme Metalsmithing, so I asked him to make me some, and he critted first time (with a bit of help from Scholar scrolls etc etc). My new Explorer Tools are called ‘Goblin Grinder’ to reflect my hatred of goblins, and my grinding through crafting instances. It was a collaborative name and I love it.

So – naming things. It’s pure gold, really. I wanted to name my weapon in WAR, even when I was a Rune Priest. Whatever the faults with legendary weapons, one of the great things is you can name them all (when you reforge them, so every 10 levels you get a chance to give them a name). You can also name critted items made in crafting. I haven’t needed to do much tailoring since I took it up in Moria, except for a Lorien cloak for myself which I was also lucky enough to crit first time (esp. as the recipe took a lot of barter items to get). More games should recognise this basic need and extend it from ‘pets’ to other items in-game. To me, it’s another little tidbit of what makes LotRO special, one of the things Turbine got right, and which could probably be incorporated into other games.

I realised at the weekend that the only downside of naming things is that sometimes you pick a name you’re a bit embarrassed about! When Spinks first made me a critted herald armament, I asked her to call it Hoodie. Which made and makes me laugh, since the herald had hooded armour! Since then I’ve tried to be a bit more RP, but some people are just better at it than others, which, I guess, is why I think Goblin Grinder is both a little RP and a little OOC joke, and why it feels so right to me. Can’t wait to mine some ore with it!


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