Randomness and Links

May 14, 2009

It’s a long working day for me, and while I have some collaborative* posts under development, I don’t have any polish time today, so it’s time to catch up on all the links I’ve been saving on my feed reader again. Some of them are a bit old, because I tend to store them up a bit, expecting to comment on some of them in more detail in the future. Then I feel bad for stockpiling. So, here goes:

Zizlak made me laugh with a suggestion to improve RvR in WAR – friendly fire. Love it, but obviously no game would truly bring it in. But still, nice to think outside the box, eh?

Talking of improvements to WAR, Word of Shadow describes changes he’d make to Public Quests. I don’t always think of things in terms of how they could actually be improved, so I really appreciated this.

Carn Dum – how I remember it? Not least because 4 of us decided to pop back there and finish some deeds the other week. Which is why this post stood out to me. To all of you levelling in LotRO, Carn Dum is something to look forward to (and be scared of a little), it’s a long and challenging multi-boss instance with locks. And it’s the kind of content I miss in both end-game LotRO and other games.

Eurogamer Expos in Leeds and London (to cover the north and south of the UK…) in October. Shall we all go in Darkfall T-shirts? HMV are sponsoring too, so if you see a game you like you can buy or pre-order it (oh yes, I always get the urge to pre-order on the spot!)

Massively cover the decision by Everquest to open a new server type, where characters start at level 51. Personally, I will be following this with interest, because I think it’s going to happen more and more often, and that it’s a good decision.

Dickie over at RainbowMMO mentions the tribal nature of MMO players when it comes to defending their game. And suggests we all remember they’re just games! So so true, and yet I find myself getting defensive too at times.

Kill Ten Rats poses an interesting question – are NPC companions in the future for most MMOs? I have to admit I was wary about The Old Republic having them, but the idea is growing on me a little so long as I can still group with players!

Bootae, I agree with you. Mythic need to bring back the other capital cities for the sake of the end-game. Read the post, it’s all about how Land of the Dead might affect the current end-game and what needs to be done to re-invigorate this part of the game.

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Mythic’s presence at Games Day Baltimore from this podcast from Lagwar and Warhammer Alliance.

And still on the subject of WAR (what can I say, there’s been a ton of interesting posts about WAR recently), Knights of the Feathered Hats writes about the lack of story in WAR. I think the writer has pinpointed one of the things I had difficulties with in WAR. I’m used to more of a narrative, more background, more… story. And while the live events are more fun than in most games, they do kind of land and then disappear with very little post-event impact.


*Me & Spinks get-together for a brainstorm for the first time since the old Book of Grudges days. Also, the ‘fixed’ group I play with are plotting some collaborations on what it’s like to play in such a group!


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