Sims vs Second Life

May 18, 2009

Not going to compare the games as I’ve played neither, but this is what we were discussing on Teamspeak last night, and it got surprisingly heated considering most of us haven’t played either game. Personally I take the perspective that neither interests me, but at least I’m sure that the Sims is a good game!

Which reminds me of my reason for posting. In 20 mins time, Play.com will have the trailer for Sims 3 on it. (Go to the site’s Games page and click on the Sims 3 banner)




  1. For sure Sims is a good game, if you’re in to that kind of game of course.

    Second Life however is nothing at all related with Sims and hardly can be considered a game.

    In my opinion it makes no sense to campare them as they are unrelated 🙂

  2. I have played Sims and it’s okay… if you don’t find it unbelievable that it can take a person 5 minutes to flush a toilet. Or an hour to make a simple sandwich.

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