Idris, Captain

May 21, 2009

In the first of a series of collaborative posts between me and the ‘fixed’ group I play with, we thought we’d start by introducing our main characters on LotRO and answering a few basic questions about them, followed by comments from the others in the group about the class in question.

We’ve all been playing these chars since the game launched just over two years ago, and am sure are more than happy to answer any questions about them.

Anyway, I thought I’d start with my character – a Captain called Idris.

1. What first attracted you to your class?
I really like melee/healer hybrids, so the moment I read about the Captain I was interested. It was the first class I played in the beta, and the one I kept going back to, so I knew I was hooked despite it being quite underpowered compared to my husband’s Loremaster (we were duoing at the time). Minstrel was quite fun as the sole healer, but I had concerns about soloability and just missed being able to hit things with a massive pointy stick. I like the mix between seat-of-your-pants healing, and being able to get into melee and wearing heavy armour.

2. What is it like to solo with your class?
It’s been a mixed bag as the game has progressed. Captains started off weak, even with their heralds. For a long time it was a bad class to solo with, not the worst, but down there. At certain levels it gets better, and in the Moria expansion the Captain finally got some decent dps traits and abilities to aim for. The changes up until Moria and the expansion have made the Captain a more viable hybrid class, and with this has come much better soloability, even with a fully healer specced Captain. So, for ages, I felt a bit weak and underpowered, now I’m quite comfortable with soloing and would say it’s a mid-range soloer. Not as fast as many, but with better staying power.

3. What does your class offer to a group or raid?
Buffs! Resses! Secondary healing! And that’s all before we mention the trait lines, through which a Captain can now offer primary healing, off-tanking, or additional dps. The main and defining role of the Captain is the buffing, with our main legendary trait a massive buff to all stats for everyone in the group. We can also buff groups with banners/heralds (either health, power or melee stats), extra health and then we can offer individual buffs to either crit rating, parrying or power regen. We can also remove fear and take on 50% of the damage the group is taking, while hitting our invulnerability button.The Captain really does shine in a group far more than in any other situation. Most raids will want a Captain per group for this very reason, which is a nice position to be in.

4. What is the single best thing about playing your class?
Choice & Skill. Since the most recent changes that made every element of Captain gameplay viable, I can honestly choose between tanking, dps and healing, and do very well in each sphere. Also, I like the feeling that my level of skill with the class affects how useful I am.

5. What is the single worst thing about playing your class?
Frustration with the devs over the years of bugs affecting Captains that were allowed to go on and on and become a LotRO joke!

6. If you had to start over, would you be tempted to pick a different class?
Nope. Through all the bad times, and now with the good times, I’ve never liked any class as much as my Captain. I think it’s now my favourite class in any game I’ve played (barring PERHAPS the friar in Dark Age of Camelot but that was my first, so it’s special anyway). If I started over, I’d probably just play another Captain with a different spec.


Levin/Unwize – The backbone of any fellowship. Don’t leave home without one!

Torvik – Played by my fellow cynic Idris. Whoever said Captains couldn’t be primary healers is totally proved wrong by Idris. She has healed us through some pretty amazing fights and as a small aside allowed us to four-man the Sixteenth Hall. Yes yes I am sure someone on the US servers has solo’ed it ;-). Let’s also not forget they are bufftastic!

Elak – Don’t underestimate the power of the captain. Their abilities to buff and heal the fellowship are awesome.

Milinia – Having captain Idris in our group makes life so much easier! Captains have awesome buffs, awesome healing, and resses and they have the ability to take 50% of the damage done to the whole group while being invulnerable themselves for a short time. They really shine in groups so don’t leave home without one!


  1. Care to elaborate on the “different spec” you’d play if you started over?

    • Well, if it were my second captain, I’d like to try the dps route, which simply wasn’t available when I was initially levelling my Capt. I love healing, I really do, but it’s always going to be a bit of a case of ‘grass is greener’.

      While I have tried to respec Idris and play that way, I think I’d enjoy it more if I played it from the start and got to really really know the skills.

      • Sounds like something to try if/when things get stale…just watch out…I recently talked a guardian buddy into giving up the sword and board (in his late 50s, mind) and trying Overpower…now he can’t turn it off…

        • Haha, that was my problem with my Guardian alt. Once I got Overpower, regular tanking just seemed so stale!

      • I did try the DPS route and having two captains in a fellowship with Idris being the healer and me DPSing and switching to healing on a per needed basis was quite fun!

        However I haven’t been able to explore the MoM aspect of DPS-Captain fully yet and with all the recent changes I’ll have to relearn a lot of things… 🙂

        And if I had to start a new character I’d go with dwarven loremaster if such combo was possible…

        • Yes, you need to come back, slot in and show me what dps a capt can do 🙂

          I think my perfect char would be a female hobbit or dwarf capt, but without that option, I’m happy with my ‘man’ capt!

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