Torvik, Champion

May 22, 2009

1. What first attracted you to your class?

I have always tended towards a DPS class of some kind in most MMOs I have played. My first MMO class was a Priest in World of Warcraft my second was a Frost Mage. There is something uncomplicated about DPS that I find quite relaxing. It’s also fairly easy to judge how well you are doing. The bigger the number the better you are doing, simplistic but true. Perhaps the biggest decider was playing a Champion in beta. Only to level 5 but it was the beginning of my relationship with the class.

2. What is it like to solo with your class?

(NB: Turbine have just announced changes to the Champion class in Book 8. Torvik wrote this beforehand, and will no doubt comment on these changes, as we probably all will)

Fervour – considerably more damage, in combat power Regen, and fervour pips but forget damage mitigation. You won’t be able to block, parry or evade at all.
Ardour – A recent stance that was introduced. A half-way house between Fervour and Glory stance. Half the damage bonus, less fervour pips, less in-combat power regen but half your mitigation in block, parry and evade.
Glory – The tanking stance. Less in-combat power regen, less fervour pips, much more aggro generation and full block, parry and evade.

Soloing is fairly easy as long as you don’t bite off more than you can chew. Depending on the line you specialise in at later levels you can bring more single target dps, more AOE dps or take more hits. I personally went for the single target dps. I like focus. What that means for me is I tend to be able to handle three mobs that are my level at the same time, non-elite of course. I could probably get away with four mobs at a stretch but that would require cooldown use. We can heal ourselves, which is handy but nowhere near as much as a healer. We can’t mitigate anywhere near as much as a guardian, even using a shield. So we tend to rely on killing our target before it kills us. So slap yourself in to fervour stance and unleash the dogs of WAR! Some Champions bang on about Ardour stance but after recent Moria combat changes Ardour isn’t what it used to be. Personally I tend to stay in fervour stance and try to take a single target at a time. This allows me to quickly dispatch my target and move to the next with no down time what so ever. I can achieve the same thing with two targets but this can introduce a small element of downtime between fights depending on the level of the mob.

3. What does your class offer to a group or raid?

DPS, lots of dps. We tend to be rather good in groups for churning out lots of DPS, especially if we can use our AOE to good effect. Sadly you will find AOE is very situational and hardly gets used. If you need to use your AOE to any great effect in a group chances are crowd control has failed.

We can’t do as much DPS as a Hunter to a single target even if we focus on single target dps. What we can do though, is be quite self sufficent. We wear heavy armour so we mitigate a fair amount of physical damage.

We have a lot of in-combat power regeneration when in fervour stance so we can keep the fight going for a long time without needing a lot of power top ups from a friendly Loremaster. If we suddenly need to jump in to the tanking role because your Guardian goes down, not a problem – switch to glory stance, swap in a shield and one-handed weapon. Chances are we are already quite high on the threat list because of our dps so switching in to tank is fairly easy.

One other thing I am constantly told I don’t appreciate enough with my Champion is my ability to break inductions with Clobber. Levin (our Burglar) thinks this is one of our best abilities. I don’t disagree in how helpful it can be but my focus is elsewhere.

4. What is the single best thing about playing your class?

Hmm, you get to hit things with big weapons. Never leave home without your weapon collection. It’s uncomplicated and the big numbers are strangely satisfying.

5. What is the single worst thing about playing your class?

Excuse the pun but weapons are double-edged swords with the Champion at the moment. Recent legendary weapon “nerfs” have hit Champions quite hard. While it is something I think Turbine will re-address because the scales have tipped too far in favour of tactical damage, our weapon is our life. The bigger the better your weapon is as a Champion the more effective you will be. It’s a symbiotic relationship which unfortunately you can’t get away from.

What this means is, if you are anything like me, and are struggling to find a second age weapon, let alone a first age one, you are behind the curve. Third age weapons are fine and not to be sniffed at but a second age is better, a first age better still. So you find yourself constantly chasing the next best weapon which is a bit of a white elephant at the moment with the legendary weapon system. If Turbine play with weapons you are likely to be one of the most effected classes along with Hunters.

6. If you had to start over, would you be tempted to pick a different class?

This is a harder question to answer. I love my Champion. I love playing a dwarf which precludes certain other classes. I often wonder if I would have liked to play a healer. There never seems to be an issue getting groups as a healer. Champions are quite abundant which means you may find it a little more difficult to find a group especially one where you are the only Champion there.

We can use a lot of weapons, unfortunately this means when legendary weapons do drop some of them you are not going to want. Champion Daggers anyone? This also means items you want are going to be in greater demand so they are all the more valuable. The auction house rarely has good Champion items for sale and if they do they tend to go for high prices. All these things tend to get me down at times but despite myself I am still playing my Champion. It’s uncomplicated and a good beginner class. To play at the top of your game takes a bit more concentration and focus but you will be rewarded by playing a Champion no matter the weather or your experience with MMOs. So for it’s relative simplicity and ability to kill things the Champion still wins my heart. They can use BIG hammers, BIG axes and BIG swords amongst other things. What’s not to like?!


Levin/Unwize – Clobber saves lives!

Idris/Arbitrary – Jealous of their base ability to just do damage and to do it well. Clobber is great, but whirly AoE melee is even better. Make great shield-brothers for us Captains, except when they run out of range…

Elak – The number one induction breaker in the game and who wouldn’t want to have fanatic warrior fighting with them carrying the biggest weapon their is?

Milinia – What can I say, seeing Torvik and his big axe doing a jumping twirl makes me smile every time. They do some great aoe damage and clobbering a mob in certain fights is vital. Best thing about the champ from a LM point of view is they hardly ever need power, hurrah!



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  2. Till they nerfed us…..

    • welcome to the club mate… have patience they’ll patch you up again…

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