Milinia, Loremaster

May 24, 2009


1. What first attracted you to your class?

Pets! LotRP was my first MMO ever so I had no idea about class roles in groups and things like DPS, tanking or crowd control meant absolutely nothing to me. I just knew from playing single RPGs that I didn’t really like melee combat so it had to be a class that could do ranged damage. In the beginning, I played both a Hunter and a LM, but as soon as the LM got the bear pet and the mezz at level 10, the Hunter was forgotten.

2. What is it like to solo with your class?

The LM is an awesome solo class! Our mezz lasts for 30 seconds so you can mezz one mob, have your pet keep the second one busy while you kill the third one. You can keep 2 mobs mezzed at the same time but I usually don’t bother. When traited for DPS we can also do a lot of damage but the payoff is that the mezz only lasts 5 seconds. We have a self heal with a 10 minute cooldown which is great for emergencies and under the right circumstances the (legendary) eagle pet can even rezz us.

Also very helpful when soloing is the fact that all of our pets can randomly put a proc effect on a mob called “flanked!”. If I attack a flanked mob with a specific skill it does greater damage, or I can cast two other skills which then give me a self heal. The flanked state will be removed after using one of these skills so I can’t use them all 3 at the same time.

3. What does your class offer to a group or raid?

The LM can share power with other people in their group which is a big part of our job. We can also cure our groups deseases and wounds (when traited) and do a bit of emergency back-up healing. We have some great debuffing skills which can make the fight a lot easier and of course our crowd control can make a group’s life much easier too.

4. What is the single best thing about playing your class?

Being a Jack of all Trades, especially in groups. You have to watch your group to see if you need to share some power, help with a bit of emergency healing or cure wounds and diseases. You have to keep an eye on the mob(s) you’ve mezzed and keep checking to see if more adds come that need rooting or mezzing. You need to keep your debuffs up on the mob that is being killed while whacking it on the head with your sword and staff and throw the occasional fireball or the ever-blinding lighting bolt at it. I like being busy in a fight and doing a bit of everything.

5. What is the single worst thing about playing your class?

Errrrrr…not being able to run around with all my 15 pets at the same time!?

Seriously, there is nothing I dislike about the class. I do get a bit tired every now and then about people saying how the class is overpowered even though I sometimes agree with them. but mostly in the sense that some of the other classes are too weak or unbalanced compared to the LM. The LM is fine the way it is, it’s their class that needs the work, not the LM.

6. If you had to start over, would you be tempted to pick a different class?

Nope. And I am 100% sure of it because I am a bit of an altoholic and I tried all classes, most of them to about level 20. I do like most of the other classes but none of them has really grabbed me the way the LM did.


Levin/Unwize – The most varied and interesting class of any MMO I’ve played.

Torvik – Honestly is there anything a Lore-master can’t do? How can you not be envious of a class that seems to be able to do just about everything pretty well. Played by Mili in our group who, by the way, is an awesome Lore-master and extremely kissable ;-)

Elak – What doesn’t a Lore-master do?

Idris/Arbitrary – Another class where the difference between a well-played one and a badly-played one is incredible. They have a massive arsenal of skills at their disposal, and I love to have one in a group with me. Even when they try and blind me!



  1. “The LM is fine the way it is, it’s their class that needs the work, not the LM.”

    Hee 🙂

    • very true 🙂
      and yes please handle all of us sunglasses before you summon that lightning thingy again 😉

      • get back so we can do Moria with our alts ;p

  2. The LM used to rule PvMP, so much CC.

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