Elak, Guardian

May 25, 2009

The last in a series of posts written by my fixed group friends, and the people I play with most often in my current stable of games. You’ll notice there are five of us, but group size in LotRO is six. That means we often take other people along and hopefully we’ll be talking a bit more about that in the future. If there’s anything you’d like to ask us as a fixed group, send across a comment – we’ll see what we can do!

1. What first attracted you to your class?

What attracted me the most was the grouping aspect of the Guardian, having a fixed role and position in a fellowship as a tank.

With the current game design of MMORPGs we always seems to have a semi-fixed group setup for group content, where you have a tank and a healer in every fellowship.

2. What is it like to solo with your class?

The Guardian is not the fastest solo class, but probably the sturdiest. We can pull a lot of enemies at once and still survive the fight. We also have good area of effect attacks which encourage us to pull multiple enemies to get more damage output.

3. What does your class offer to a group or raid?

The ability to generate aggro on multiple enemies and pulling them away from the more fragile classes. With our survivability we also have a better chance to stay alive while tanking a lot of enemies or a big boss then any other class.

4. What is the single best thing about playing your class?

Our survivability, the feeling of having the biggest, baddest monster throwing his most lethal attacks at you and surviving with the help of the fellowship.

5. What is the single worst thing about playing your class?

Having a fixed role in a fellowship does not give us a lot of room to have multiple Guardians in a fellowships or raids and with the addition of the Warden our role as off-tanks is less wanted, since the Warden offers more then a second Guardian.

6. If you had to start over, would you be tempted to pick a different class?

A lot has changed in the game since I started and there are now two classes whose roles include tanking, and not to forget the improved secondary role of the Champions. But even with the changes I would never choose any other class over the Guardian if I were to start from the beginning again.


Levin/Unwize – The archetypal tank, but also capable of dishing out a remarkable beating.

Torvik – Played by my fellow dwarven buddy, Elak! Sooooo much better mitigation than any other class. Don’t ask a Champion to tank, just take a Guardian it’ll save wearing out your healers before the fight is done. Really built to last in a big way. Never played one myself but don’t under estimate the benefit of an AOE taunt. I wouldn’t play without one. There is only one good tank and that is a Guardian! Don’t leave home without one, seriously.

Idris/Arbitrary – What can I say? I don’t like to group without a Guardian. They rock at what they do, and make me feel safer than any other class – to stand behind.

Milinia – The one that takes the beating so the others can do their thing. Having a Guardian in a group makes me feel safe and protected and I wouldn’t want to be in a group without one. And can I just say that Elak really is an awesome tank!


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