E3 = Random Me

June 3, 2009

I don’t pay full attention to things like E3, I let the info percolate down to me through a variety of other sources. Blogs, forums, newssites and of course, Teamspeak.

The other day we were mostly discussing Monkey Island and Project Natal (fairly obviously aspirational, but still!)… and the fact I am sorely tempted by an XBox360 just so I can play FFXIII and Fable 2. After also then defending Bing to my Mac-friendly houseguest, I felt a bit of a Microsoft fangirl. How the years have changed me!

This morning, I’m reading about FFXIV (PC and PS3-exclusive and an MMO – we’ll see! I need to hear more, I wasn’t attracted to FFXI so it needs more for me), Aion (the closed beta event starts on Friday in Europe I believe) and about the Sony announcements. I don’t have a console or a handheld, so I’m afraid it didn’t keep my attention for long.

The SW:TOR trailer – it was pretty, but I want to know and hear a lot more about gameplay before I commit. As with any MMO, it needs a class that I’d be interested in playing. Traditionally, amongst my tabletop group, I’m known for playing droids. Is that bad? I can imagine quite a few Star Wars-y classes that would appeal, so I’ll hang back and keep up with the info.

Enjoyed the Dragon Age: Origins trailer. Of course I did. I’m actually really TERRIBLE at bothering to boot up non-MMOs. I have Fallout 3, Mass Effect, Oblivion and others on my desktop and I’ve done about 4 quests in Mass Effect. I know I SHOULD play them, but MMOs are taking up a lot of time at the moment, honest! I’m enjoying all the WAR commentary on twitter, especially with the Land of the Dead on the public test server, so that’s still grabbing some attention, but I’m vacillating on a return cos the 10 days free play was US-only. What a shock!

And, in other very random news, a friend of mine is about to do a crazy cycle ride across the length of the UK (from John O’Groats to Lands End, but in SIX days – that’s seriously nuts). He’s doing it for charity and just set up a blog over at The Race Against Time. If you want to know anything about the training and the craziness that inspires such a cycle ride (or an insight into my crazy friends who play/ed tabletop D&D with me) this is the place to go.


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