Love my sister!*

June 3, 2009

In an IM conversation with Spinks this morning, we were going over the recent E3 announcements, what we thought of SW:TOR and how solo-able it looks, how we’re not really looking forward to any MMO desperately, etc etc.

And that’s all true. The IGN article on SW:TOR where they discuss the gameplay footage they saw sounds really really solo, with a multiplayer element attached. Not quite the MMO we’re all used to, but there’s a long way to go on it yet and I’m sure things will change. And there really is no MMO on the horizon I’m desperately excited about just yet, I’m leaving myself a lot of wiggle room to get excited as we learn more about them.

On stand-alone games, I’m mostly looking forward to Diablo 3 and Dragon Age: Origins. But as previously mentioned I have a bad track record on single-player RPGs/games in general.

And then the old chestnut of CCP’s World of Darkness MMO crept back into our conversation. We used to play a lot of tabletop Vampire: the Masquerade, lots and lots. Probably more than most games barring D&D. And we played across a few World of Darkness MUSHes in our day too, not just in the Vampire ‘sphere’ but as mortals, werewolves, mages, changelings – not wraiths though. Heh. I was being all disillusioned about the possibility of the game, since we’ve heard so little about it, and she pulled the following out of her pocket (well, The Telegraph, but still!):

Mr Veigar Pétursson says, with more professional males in the 25-35-year-old age range losing their jobs, he has seen the number of subscribers soar since the economic crisis began. CCP Games has been profitable since 2004, but all profits are currently being reinvested in Eve Online and also into creating World of Darkness, a new online subscription game about vampires targeting an 18-25-year-old, female demographic.

Fashion and design will play a key role in the game and the group has employed two supposedly well-known Icelandic fashion designers to create virtual “gothic-style” clothing for avatars. The group is hiring 100 more people in the next 12 months – including producers, animators and economists – to create its new virtual world.

Hurrah! Ok, so any game where fashion plays a ‘key role’ by its very nature means I will SUCK, but aside from that it’s the first concrete proof I’ve read in an age that the project is very much a ‘go’. Note, the article is primarily reporting that CCP have won some Media Momentum Award for Vision and Future Growth Potential, so this isn’t the most obvious source of such good news, but merely an example of how having an ‘in touch’ sibling to provide these uplifting snippets of news is a Good Thing!

So, World of Darkness. Bring it on!! Colour me hyped up, and excited about an upcoming MMO.

*I do, of course, adore both my sisters, but I wanted a funny title to say thanks to Spinks



  1. Just remember to manage your expectations and things will be a lot rosier once you start playing.

    Which server did you move to in the end ?

    Looking forward to meeting you guys again in the future 😉

  2. […] chars to look good. Maybe not amazing, but good enough that I’m not ashamed of them. Love CCP for allegedly bringing in fashion designers for World of […]

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