Twitter, a few months on

June 4, 2009

I’ve been on Twitter for ages. But previous to a few months ago it was a fairly quiet affair, a small but growing social networking ‘messaging’ service which could let me have some short interplay with friends, family and those I’m interested in. And then it got popular, and now I can follow favourite actors, comedians, people from work, and gaming companies.

I started with the Mythic bunch (and there’s quite a few of them), because I was mostly blogging about WAR and I thought it’d give me a news advantage. They’re all good, witty people, but they mostly discuss things happening in the US, and sometimes got a bit spammy for me, so I pared that down and now just follow a couple of them. Then I found Turbine and Codemasters, as well as the Community Managers for LotRO on both sides of the pond. So I joined them.

Now I follow Bioware, Bethesda, Lucas Arts, and probably some others, as well as podcasters and bloggers I read who have Twitter accounts (you reading this, Syp??). The vast majority of the people I follow though have nothing to do with gaming. And yes, I follow quite a few people – it keeps me interested in the conversations being held – and allows me to pursue my love for TV as well as gaming.

Well, now there’s a new page dedicated to tweets about gaming. I went to look at it thinking I’d be unimpressed, or that it’d be more work to read it than not. I was pleasantly surprised. Instead it provides a real-time feed of gaming-related tweets and has graphs to show you which games are hot on the radar. For example, I can tell you that as of now, The Sims 3 is quite a lot less discussed than Left 4 Dead 2.

Obviously I have no idea how they figure in these stats, or how inclusive the feed is, whether it searches for keywords or hastags or whatever. But initial impressions – I like it, I can imagine using it as a resource when I want to talk about a game (um… not that that will ever happen on this blog when I can discuss Twitter or Lost!). It’s powered by GamerDNA, a social network that can shows what games its members are playing, and what they’re talking about. I confess I looked at it initially but didn’t get all that involved, and I sometimes curse automated tweets from GamerDNA (though I imagine you can turn those off). With Tweet My Gaming, they’ve created a much more interesting service – for me anyway.

Take a look, and see what you think (I’m not involved with them in any way, btw. I just woke up and saw it advertised on Twitter and went to take a look and since I had nothing else in my head, decided to blog about it – see, that’s me – all organised!)

And for those of you who love my randomness. I have a cat on my computer, eating my Dress-Your-Own Paul Barnett (which is on my wifi aerial). Cats, eh? Nerf ’em.



  1. That is really interesting! I agree, I like tweet my gaming more than gamerdna.

  2. I enjoyed Twitter for a while, but right now I don’t have the headspace for it. I’ve got family stuff going on and am spending enough of my time upset that the last thing I want to do is tweet about any of it. 😀

  3. You’re a verbal bully 🙂 I just don’t have enough time for it, with three blogs and reading all my feeds (and my life outside of that).

    • it’s surprisingly unintrusive!

  4. Yep, the 140 character limit ensures that reading and writing time remains marginal.

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