New, Old World

June 15, 2009

As Spinks has been posting quite eloquently, we’re in the process of sneaking onto Everquest 2 to check out a game we always wanted to take a look at. It’s an interesting game for us, because it came out at just the wrong time to get us hooked and every time we’ve tried the trials separately, we’ve ended up unimpressed. Perhaps making a gnome monk my last time didn’t help!

So this time around, we mostly decided to give it a shot because of the length of trial and then the refer-a-friend programme, which we got started on thanks to Ysharros. And, of course, the ability to play on US servers and say hi to some of the people we’ve met through our time blogging!

For me there’s another side to it all though, after hearing about numerous groups that play a game once per week, I wanted to see if I can do that. It sounds appealing. Have a main game, and then another escapist hang-out that hits a few different buttons, or allows me to explore another world. And Everquest 2 has a huge world, and one I’m completely new to. Tonight will be out first ‘fixed night’ foray. We’re on Lucan D’Lere and char names can be supplied on request!

We’re still ironing out which classes we’ll gel with and have started with Shadowknight (me) and Fury (Spinks), which is amusing cos normally we’d default to the other way around – but sometimes even that’s good to challenge, and Spinks has played many many healers… I’ve just not played many/ANY tanks, but I’m guessing she’ll give me some pointers. We made Sarnak and the starting area has already got me smitten by collection ‘stuff’ for collections, given me a ‘chokemon’ pet, and let me explore my inner dragon-lady!

Of course, we’ve also been making other classes a bit in other areas. Last night we both spent 10 mins staring at how cute our rat-girls were, so I’m sure they’ll get an outing once the Sarnak get to 20. Finding the classes we’ll love is half the fun, and it’s very cool to be completely lost in a world, lost with a UI and overwhelmed by the number of abilities we have.

In other news, I’m holding off on resubbing to WAR till I get back from my Comic Con trip. If I pay by the month I want to do it in a month I’m not away for 2.5 weeks.  And LotRO is about to hit Book 8, an update that will bring us plenty more content and perhaps some other changes for me and my playing. I’ve read very little about it, because I’d like a little more discovery this time, and less expectation!



  1. Ratonga for the win, as I believe the cool kids say on the streets of Freeport.

    For me, Frogloks would have taken the badge for best race had they run like a WoW Murloc – all bandy-legged like they’re trying to ride an invisible child’s tricycle – but since they instead do the high-speed hopping thing, it means the Ratonga win out in the race for pure awesomeness.

    • I thought Froglok looked pretty cool too, but I am so in love with the ratties now!

  2. Finally patched up, and I’m trying out an Erudite Inquisitor called Zerberus (though I should’ve tried a more inquisitive name, bet Ximinez, Fang and Biggles are long taken though). That might change, though, never been much of a healer!

    • We’re getting our Sarnak to 20 (hopefully today, maybe tomorrow), Ailil and um.. Torta.

      But I also have a ratty Inquisitor, and am going to play about with a few classes in the coming days. Intrigued by making a rat that betrays, and Spinks has a cute Froglok I’m dying to meet. Will add you to friends list!

  3. I have an 80 SK and a 76 Fury, so if you have any class-specific questions about your “1st duo” feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to help.

    Don’t feel locked into it though — I went through about a bazillion race/class combos early on and it took me making a Mystic to finally get “evercracked.” As it is, I’m on that station pass thing, so I have a full stable of 12 toons, and my “main” is my coercer, which was one of my more recent characters created, but I just loved how the class played so… it took over. My fury was my main for a long time, but he’s not even at cap and it’s almost 2 years since it increased —

    Just goes to show that you don’t really know what you’ll really like until you try it, so… don’t be afraid to make a bevy of toons and find what you like most.

    • hehe, that’;s what we’re doing right now, each day it seems we try something new out… though I don’t think we had too many issues with SK or Fury, we’re just seeing what else is out there.

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