Off till tuesday

June 20, 2009

Off to London to visit family. Will have net, but probably not be blogging. Unless I feel like it.

In the meantime, I just wanted to say the LA Times sucks for saying girls are ready for Comic Con because of cute male actors, female empowerment TV shows, but failing to mention comics or any other reason. Especially as I just read Captain Britain and MI13 and loved it (part of Secret Invasion, for the record).

And in other links, Pokemon come to pedometers with the Pokewalker. Scary, but at one point I’d have gone for this.

Games put on 1960s style Penguin covers. Not sure what to say about it, except I liked it.

Good work Syp! Reporting for the No Elves Club about Free Realms adding the race. Another reason to not play Free Realms (though I’m sure it’s a lot of fun, it’s just not for me).


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