EQII – 2 weeks in

June 22, 2009

I think we’re close to the end of Spinks’ trial (see Spinks, a link!) in EQII, so perhaps it’s time for a summary of what we’ve been getting up to. Though if you do visit her blog, and I’m fairly sure everyone who goes here goes there first you may have already read her take on things.

We played our Sarnak babes up to level 20, after stalling them at level 18 because I just don’t like being a big hulking character in ugly plate, and I’d already decided that befpre we got to cosmetic armour slotting. I don’t like feeling hunched over, and my Sarnak looks a hell of a lot better from the front than back, despite cool tail! Also, the Shadowknight just isn’t gelling for me. I do miss healing hybrids. I will try one, but for now am still testing the waters of a fighter-y class.

So Spinks took me to Qeynos where we dabbled with Froggies (um, Froglok, ofc). She took out a monk and I tried… hrrm, a Mystic? (one of the shaman, whichever is the good one). Despite being back to healing, I didn’t love it either, and instead eyed her monk with some jealousy. Remember, my first ever MMO char was a DAoC friar – I’m drawn to holy orders it seems.

Firstly I got a big hung up on wanting to play a Ratonga, purely for cuteness. But then I also wanted to play a monk. Too lazy to betray on a first char, decided to try out a monk for myself. In order not to duplicate too many starter zones, we picked fae. Ended up with the same colour wings and a monk/dirge duo and off we went. Zoooom. Almost got put off by the insane squeakiness of voice of some little girl NPC who’d (of course) lost her dolly. If I were an NPC parent, I’d make assiduous use of a stapler – is all I’m saying! But the quests were pretty straightforward, we had our first tricky moment in Drippy Cave and had to redo the fight a few times before we realised we weren’t quite ready to take on 6 mobs without an AE taunt or any healing. We got it sussed and flew off to the next zone.

My fae (Idrys) is currently lost up some tree (Spinks crashed so I logged at the time) and we’re around level 10. I’m sure we’ll be getting the fae to 20 because it’s been enjoyable so far, and I do love monk moves with wings. I loved the starter pyjamas too and my next set of gear is GORGEOUS. It reminds me that despite being fashion-challenged and disinterested in real life, I like my MMO chars to look good. Maybe not amazing, but good enough that I’m not ashamed of them. Love CCP for allegedly bringing in fashion designers for World of Darkness!

For the record, I’m not wedded to a tank class. I do like monk of the ones I’ve tried however. I’m going to try Warden and/or Fury next because they hit my melee/healer hybrid love. Quite liked Inquisitor, enjoyed Templar more than Shadowknight… and not at all interested in casters – I have only successfully played casters in DAoC in fact, and have never returned to the cloth-wearing classes. Weird, eh?

I’d write more about the quests and the experience, but suffice it to say I’m glad I bought a 1-month sub, and expect to play longer than that, even at only one day a week. It’s relaxing, a change of scene… I’m enjoying exploring the many classes currently, and we all know I’m not one to really examine the mechanics behind a game or WHY I’m enjoying it.



  1. Yup, actually will have to give them some money this week 🙂

    I’d forgotten about the froggies. I did like the red hands and feet.

  2. EQ2 has definitely held my attention for longer than I expected it to – I’d originally figured on a brief visit between WoW content patchs, but instead I’m almost disappointed to be out of Norrath for a few weeks for WoW’s Midsummer Fire Festival.

    I also feel most drawn to Sarnak, Frogloks, Ratonga, and Fae. I think a big part of it is that I can play the Tolkein races in any number of games, those races are more unique.

    As to the look of plate armor, I wouldn’t let that be the sole thing that turns you off to a class. I’m not at all fond of the look of generic crafted mail (very silver shiny for my taste), but I haven’t had to look at any of it in over 40 levels. My Dirge has used just about anything but mail armor for her appearence (sometimes including cloth robes), and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  3. Most of the armour is pretty nasty — or bland, or both which is even worse, but as GA says at least at 20 you can stick pretty much whatever you like in the appearance slots, so it does help somewhat.

    Glad you’re having fun though. 😀

    You know how to find me if you need anything!

  4. Don’t be afraid to try a ton of alts. Back in the early days we only had 4 character slots, and I had a regular treadmill of different races and classes going through it. I eventually settled on my ogre monk, my high elf mystic, my high elf SK, and I created a dark elf mage intending it to be a sales mule (back then if you wanted to sell something you had to put your character in “merchant mode” in your house and be online — most everyone had a mule as a result). But…. I’d tried warriors, rogues, assassins, ratongas, iksars, trolls, kerra. . . you name it and I’ve tried it. I found so many fun combos though, that I now have a stable of 12 toons (station pass) and wish I had a few more, in spite of being perpetually broke from all the twinking of my lower toons 😉

    Anyway… I’m glad you’re enjoying EQ2, and look forward to reading more of your adventures as time goes by.

  5. I think I’m all MMOGed out for a while, EQ2’s definitely got a whole lot to offer, but I’m not feeling the urge to log in to it (or WAR, or CoH…)

    Still, handy to have the option there for the future when the MMOG bug bites again, looking forward to see how you get on!

  6. EQ2 is a great MMORPG, and I’m happy that you’re enjoying it. My own little piece of advice: try out the woodworker/carpenter tradeskill at some point. You will probably have a lot of fun filling your characters’ houses with furniture and the like.

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