June 24, 2009

Well, I’ve been asking for a while where Mark Jacobs has got to. Thanks to the Warhammer Herald and Wall of Text we now know:

Mark Jacobs, current General Manager of Mythic will leave EA on June 23, 2009. We thank Mark for his contributions at Mythic and wish him the very best going forward. Mark played a major part in the success of Mythic with his contribution as General Manager and Lead Designer of WAR.”

I’m not that surprised, we’ve heard nothing from him for a while now. And he’s not known for keeping quiet! Anyway, the change is apparently due to a restructure within EA to bunch together the RPG and MMO groups:

EA is restructuring its RPG and MMO games development into a new group that includes both Mythic and BioWare. This newly formed team will be led by Ray Muzyka, co-founder and General Manager of BioWare. With this change, Ray becomes Group General Manager of the new  RPG/MMO studio group. BioWare’s other co-founder, Greg Zeschuk will become Group Creative Officer for the new RPG/MMO studio group. Rob Denton will step up as General Manager of Mythic and report to Ray. BioWare’s studios remain unchanged and continue to report to Ray.

It can’t really hurt to have Bioware involvement, in my opinion – and will definitely be interesting to see how the studios work together. In reality, a lot of companies at the moment are stripping out layers of management, and we know EA is trying to keep costs as low as it can. I’m sure there will be some interesting creative mixes in Bioware and Mythic, and who knows what exciting projects or changes will come out of it.

And let’s face it, we’ll all be paying attention to see where Mark goes next.


  1. I think he will start his own MMO company and then poach people from Mythic, unless of course his serverance package prohibits him from poaching people for x months/years.

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