Games on Show

June 26, 2009

Information has started to come out about Comic Con, all the panels and music and stuff to go see. Because it’ll be my first time, I’ve been busy scouring the web for information – because, the official page hasn’t really updated much in a while. Luckily, there’s a lot of sites covering such things.

Anyway, it obviously caught my attention when Comic Con was mentioned in the same breath as the Games Industry – and from twitters and articles it does seem that I’ll have quite a lot to do games-wise, when I’m not embracing my inner TV-Film-Comics geek. I mean seriously, look at the Games Company list:

  • 2K Games
  • Activision/ Blizzard
  • Capcom
  • D3Publisher
  • Electronic Arts
  • Hudson Entertainment
  • Konami Digital Entertainment
  • LucasArts
  • Namco Bandai Games America Inc
  • NC Soft
  • NIS America Inc/ Rosen Queen Company
  • Rockstar Games
  • Sega of America
  • Sony Computer Entertainment America
  • Sony Online Entertainment
  • Square Enix Inc
  • Telltale Games
  • The Pokemon Company International, Inc.
  • THQ, Inc.
  • Ubisoft
  • Xbox
  • Now obviously I’m very interested to see quite a few of these, Electronic Arts will be showing Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2 I imagine, possibly some Warhammer and Star Wars: the Old Republic. So under every developer and company, there’s numerous games to go peek at.

    And, most of my time is going to be taken up by juggle TV and film panels, as well as trying to see some of the Comics-related stuff I’d like to. It’s a massive undertaking, and I’m getting a bit scared of it all.



    1. If you email them, indicating you are running a blog, you may find you can get some one on one time with them.

      It’s worth a try.

      Is Spinks going with you?

    2. Nah, just going with a friend who lives over there

    3. Well have a good time and make sure you get to see some of the trailers they always show at it.

      You are going to be bloody exhausted when you finish. But in a nice way.

      How is Warhammer going for you at the moment ?

      • Was going to resub in June, have decided to give a resub when I get back from Comic Con, so I can pay it some proper attention!

    4. Hey Arbitary

      Having very limited con’s available in the UK do you find the US cons are getting more and more of a merger towards ‘memorabilia’ and mixed media type events?

      Does it draw away from the Comics and artists on display?

      Love your blog by the way!

      • And I love your podcast!

        It’s weird, this will be my first con ever. Seriously. Never been to a UK one, never been to a US one. Not even a little one. Well, Games Day last year if you count that (I don’t, since I only really went to see WAR and look at some pretty miniatures).

        I think without doubt that the multimedia edge takes away from the comics and artists. There’s few comics fans who aren’t into genre TV and films also, and it’s a massive draw to go to a viewing. I’m hoping though to make as much time as I can for the comics side, because it’s a part of my childhood and early adulthood that I’m just getting back into, with the help of podcasts such as Limited Edition and a few others – it helps me to hear others talk about comics, because only a few of my friends dabble in reading them, and we have fairly eclectic tastes. My husband would probably like me to spend a good amount of Comic Con time at the anime/manga, but although I don’t mind it, I’m much more likely to go look for Secret Invasion and stuff like that. It’s all a bit intimidating!

        And adding a whole slew of computer games I’m interested in has added to my stress factor in what to make time for.

        I’m also a little nervous of speaking to comics people and artists, as it’s not something I’ve particularly done before, and I’m not the most learned of readers. I just pick them up at work (I work in a public library), suggest others to buy (so I can read them) and try and educate myself as much as I can.

        But even saying that I’m much more of a TV geek.

        Comic Con seems unrelentingly huge, with a massive scope. And I’m not sure it’s the best for me to go to first! But having said that I had a look at the London Film & Comic Con line-up and it looks like it’s all photo ops and autographs. So I’m guessing somewhere there’s a perfect mix. And if it helps bring TV fans to the world of comics, then it’s probably a good thing too.

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