Some Links – Catching Up

July 8, 2009
  • My favourite speculation on WoW’s Cataclysm comes from Killed in a Smiling Accident. I’d love this to be the case, and it does neatly solve a few problems for Blizzard.
  • Shadow WAR brings up one aspect about Land of the Dead I hadn’t previously considered. It may not be the same on every server, but still…
  • Skar weighs in with his views of WAR’s LotD, touching on one of my everlasting bugbears – Mythic’s PR. It’s interesting reading, as always
  • I love Gaarawarr’s correlations between Monopoly and WAR. Playing Monopoly with my family is about the nearest to PvP I get in real life ;p
  • I’m with Syp, in that Aion isn’t for me. I’ve played some of the beta – it’s gorgeous, the flying is fun and the quests and classes are fine, but for the moment, it’s just not for me – I doubt I’ll write much more about it except to say this, too many people are covering it in much more detail. I’m just busy!
  • Green Armadillo isn’t wrong, Turbine offering too many return-to-LotRO events one after another is a little weird – no idea what to make of it, but do hope they announce Rohan pretty quickly

One comment

  1. I don’t think the welcome back events are weird. I can’t imagine why Turbine would do them if they didn’t work, i.e. if at least some of the players didn’t subsequently resubscribe.

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