Bad at Alting

July 9, 2009

I admit it. I’m terrible at alting. I never do it wholeheartedly, which is apparently my problem with playing more than one game.

In WoW I played 5 druids, consecutively, rather than start another class.

In LotRO I’m now considering another Captain.

In WAR I stuck with healers, but never got far with any except my main – even though it wasn’t perhaps my favourite.

Is there just something wrong with me? Almost everyone I know can play more than one archetype and enjoy it. And can definitely alt a little more enthusiastically than I can.

Me, I find the class I like and play it, over and over and over. Even if that means having more than one.


As a caveat, I really enjoyed my bard/minstrel/whatever-its-called in Vanguard, and I don’t really mind any tank or dps or support class I played (loved my theurgist in DAoC). Just the melee/healer thing draws me back – every time.



  1. Aww, I don’t see why it’s bad to know what you like and to keep liking it! Especially when you have tried out alts of other classes to compare it with.

    I’m still a bit surprised that the warrior priest in WAR didn’t grab you. As you say, it’s a melee-healer too, and also it’s been pretty powerful through the life of the game which is a nice bonus (I think!).

    And the druid is a fun class, but it isn’t a melee healer. In fact, now that they have dual specs, even role switching is something you can do in any class now.

    So I wonder if it’s more than just melee healer?

    The only prob I can see is if you were starting in a fixed group and someone else wanted to try your favourite class or vice versa and it didn’t really work well with 2 of them in a group (eg. if you only wanted to play tanks and someone else in the group wanted to try a tank), or possibly if you are put off trying something you might have loved because the archetype doesn’t sound quite right.

  2. Eh, playstyle is what it is. 🙂 If we can’t play what we love, why bother?

  3. Your problem with WAR was not enough squigs, obviously.

    I know what you mean – it takes a bit for me to get used to whatever character I’m playing if it’s a new one or even switching back to a previous alt (e.g. trying to heal with my squig herder after I’ve been playing my zealot…). Persistance gets you there though…

  4. I’m kind of half and half. When I change to a different game, I almost always end up playing something that was NOT on top of my list after not liking that game’s take on some archetype that I’ve done previously. I’m actually almost comically bad at predicting which class I will like. The problem is when I go to make an alt and it often suffers by comparison to the original character.

  5. My tastes have evolved over time. In SWG, I *loved* being a Doctor — buffs, heals, state cures… loved it!

    But with that game’s ability to drop skills and try other things out, I found I also loved the Teras Kasi (martial arts) class. Then I looked at various skill trees and found pistol certifications and special moves all over the place, so I skilled for all of them and became the so-called “Gun Fu” build.

    Thing was, until I went “gun fu” I still had enough points to keep myself as a Master Dancer too, and since dancers are healers, if only out of combat, I guess you could say that I loved being a healer.

    EQ2 came out, I switched to that. Tried assassin, rogue, monk, warrior, but it wasn’t until I started playing a mystic that I finally started to really enjoy the game (and mystics were *horribly* broken then too). As we started getting character slots added I then found I enjoyed the Fury class (another healer) and also my inquisitor (yet another healer). But, I also had a warlock that I absolutely loved. My guild always needed me to play my healers, though, and I enjoyed healing also, so it wasn’t a problem.

    But, in my current stable of alts……

    Level 80 Shadowknight (tank/mage hybrid)
    Level 80 Coercer (crowd control/utility mage)
    Level 80 Warlock (AE damage)

    See any healers at cap? Me either. Granted, my fury’s at 76 and my inquisitor’s at 73, but….. I really don’t play them much at all anymore.

    Who knew I’d end up liking mages best overall? Certainly not me. Any time I start a new game I still start with a fighter or healer. Go figure.

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