Further Creep-y Thoughts

July 10, 2009

The other night I spent 1.5h with one of the members of a very uber tribe in the monster world on our server. He heard I was new to my War Leader, and gave me a tour of easy quests to do, giving me hints and tips on the way. Unprovoked, this is an example of the community I like in the Ettenmoors Creeps. I had a great time, I learned a TON, and now my War Leader has a lot more destiny to play with. Next I need some ranks, which means I need to be out killing at primetime.

Spinks asked me about raids in the Ettenmoors and if we organised times. So I thought I’d answer that here. During the day the ‘moors sees quite a few skirmishes (on our server), lots of group vs group fighting, the occasional quest kill of a named mob, keep or outpost take, with a ramping up as the evening draws nearer. There seems to often be a raid on each side in the evenings, sometimes more than one, but it’s not planned, it’s just people’s playing times. There have been some planned raids, but they’re pretty rare, to be honest.


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