One Day More

July 11, 2009

Scary! One more day at home before I start on my travels pre-Comic Con. I don’t know how much online time I’ll have and whether I’ll feel much like blogging, or even think about MMOs, so I thought I’d put a quick note up to say I should be back properly at the end of the month.

Comic Con is 23-26 July, and at that point I might do some daily updates about stuff I’ve seen – which will flip between TV/film and Comics/Games, so could be anything really. The schedule is coming out daily at the moment and there’s already some really tough choices.

I’d love to go to ‘The State of MMOs’ but if I do, I miss the BSG Retrospective… and the next day there’s a ‘Making of The Old Republic’ which I have to weigh up against ‘The Prisoner’, ‘BSG/Caprica’ and ‘Flash Forward’. So you see my problem? No idea how queues are going to pan out, but the gaming panels are always likely to be 2nd or 3rd choice. So don’t expect much gaming stuff except what I see demoed and what I make of it.

Have a good few weeks!

One comment

  1. So many choices, very jealous! Sure you’ll have a brilliant time, looking forward to the write-up.

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