Dragon Age: Origins

July 24, 2009

Not been to play it yet, am hoping to soon (sunday if I must wait till the end, but I will go), but they gave me one of my fave bits of swag today – a static clinging decal (um, that’s what my American husband calls them, no idea what we do – a thingy?) Anyway, you peel off the back and get an enormous Dragon Age: Origins logo to plaster across your window. Neat! It’s FULL poster size, which the pic may not show, have to keep mine in a poster tube! And um.. considering how to get it back to the UK…

CC day 2 045



  1. Helloooooooo! Sounds like you’re having a fab time! 😀

    PS — I think it’s “clingy window thingy.”

  2. I’d have called it a massive window sticker thing, and then had the whole static thing explained by husband, until yeah, ‘clingy window thingy’ would make most sense

  3. Welcome back, I looked at the photo’s from other sides and to be honest it looks absolutely exhausting.

  4. sides = sites (As in websites)

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