Listening to Advice

July 31, 2009

The first thing I read about Comic Con was that I needed to be prepared to miss stuff. The schedule is immense. It really is. And it doesn’t include the time spent in the exhibitor hall, which is HUGE, about a mile long and covers everything from gaming companies to indy comics, with the massive TV and film presence of companies like Fox and Warner in the middle.

My friend (Lynn) and I, planned a basic schedule for panels we’d ideally like to see, but decided to work out the day before what was possible and what mattered the most. We got 4-day tickets which included the evening before the Con starts proper – the weds night. As it happened, I was super tired from my flight from Honolulu, so I missed the first half hour of preview night and ended up finding my way through San Diego to catch up with Lynn at the Convention Center. We roamed separately through the Exhibit Hall, and met back up at the hotel – swag in tow.

I used the evening to acclimatise a little, to work out where Star Trek was, where Monkey Island was, where BBC America was, and where I’d need to go to buy a Benjamin Linus bobble-head. I also perused the computer gaming quarter, but didn’t pluck up the nerve to do anything but look at the games on offer.

They were offering previews of some TV shows, but we decided to focus on all the stands, and leave panels and sessions for things we were more interested in. And that was pretty much our first, and rather quiet night. The place is huge, almost unbelievably huge, and quite intimidating. I loved seeing comics there, but I felt like I knew very very little about them all.

Did come home with bags full of badges, cards, tshirts, and more bags though. And worked out some of our plans for the first real day of Comic-Con – the thursday of panels!

(will update as and when I can, life is busy and unpredictable right now, and I need to grab my schedule to check what we did each day!)


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