Day One

August 1, 2009

Thursday was our first full day of Comic Con, and having perused the schedule and worked out we had tons of potential clashes, we elected to make it our Exhibit Hall day, and to try and hit the Psych panel and also get away from the Con so we could get to the cinema near our hotel for 6pm. Through twitter I won us two tickets to the world premiere of District 9, but it did mean we had to give up some panels, the Lucas Arts tweet-up, and some night-time programming. Thankfully, Lynn agreed with me that seeing District 9 was the best option, so we planned our day around that.

I wanted a tribble, and to see the Capt’s chair, so we started at the Paramount booth, and queued. Only to get some Spock foam hands and to find out tribbles were only being given out at certain times of day, not times we could easily make. The green slave girls weren’t entirely the sexy beasts Lynn had presumed they would be, so getting his pic taken with them was a little less appealing than it had been, but he did it anyway, for me! I refused to have my pic taken with them and to be honest they presumed, as a woman, that I wouldn’t have wanted it. Felt a little peeved at that, so took my foam fingers and left the stand.

Bought a Bejamin Linus bobble-head because of its Dharma packaging, and cos he’s my idol and fave character on Lost anyway. There wasn’t too much of a problem getting it, but Lynn was annoyed as he wanted a Dexter bag, and they were only giving them out with 2 Dexter purchases…and at most he wanted 1 thing. We wandered the floor, making sure we could make Lucas Arts at 10:45 to get ready for the Monkey Island signing (Lynn has to be one of the biggest Monkey Island fans!). And as we got there we were looking for where the signing would be, when I half-heartedly pointed out a group of 3 ‘professionals’ who obviously worked at Lucas Arts, and told Lynn to ask them. Of course, they ended up being the people there to sign Monkey Island stuff, so we got to chat to them for around 10 mins before starting the line for signatures and swag. That was pretty cool and Lynn remained on a high for the next hour. In fact, so much so that he lost his camera while rushing to a comics stand to buy frames for the Monkey Island posters.

Now, losing a camera is a bit of a downer, but we decided to re-trace our steps (which included running past Edward James Olmos and the BSG signing table) and ending up at The Tick booth, where Lynn had left his camera. The artists there were pretty cool and questioned him a bit about type and colour of camera before admitting they’d kept it nice and safe for him. So to thank them he bought some Tick manga-style comics, and gave me one to keep. Rar!

Of course, we saw a lot more in the Exhibit floor, I checked out Warhammer, Aion and a couple of other games (but in all honesty no-one asked me about them), we watched the SW:TOR trailer on a massive screen and then missed the T-shirt hand-out because we were getting Monkey Island signatures at the exact same time. We considered queuing for some bags, checked out BBC America, got Prisoner number IDs (I’m no. 98), checked out the V Ambassador Programme, and did a ton of cool stuff like that.

But we needed to get up to Ballroom 20 for Psych, and had no idea of queue length. We’d missed the Wonder Women panel (something I was interested in), but went and did the queue which took a while to move. But we eventually got into Ballroom 20 (the 2nd biggest panel room after Hall H), to watch the majority of the Burn Notice panel with Bruce Campbell before the Psych panel started. I don’t watch either shows, but luckily they were both very entertaining panels, so I didn’t begrudge it one bit. I did have a moment of anxiety when I saw we hadn’t got freebie tickets for the Burn Notice panel, but Lynn managed to rectify that by getting some at the end of the panel from event people on the door. At some, but not all, panels, they give out little tickets that you can exchange later for swag. It’s a welcome addition to any panel! For Burn Notice it was a cool yellow t-shirt, and for Psych there was a really nice green t-shirt and a Psych 8-ball which I can’t wait to play with. (we picked the stuff up the next day, when the freebie room was much clearer, and the guy there commented on my accent!). Both panels made me want to see the shows they were discussing, so I guess they did a good job!!

By this time we were needing to get going, but we watched the very start of the Dexter panel which followed Psych (told you there were some hard decisions to make), saw the clips of the next season (which I’m shamefully behind on), and then cut our losses to get to the cinema. It was definitely a lesson in how much you have to miss to get to see stuff. And we really wanted to give some time to the Exhibit Hall that wasn’t just running around grabbing things. I’d have liked to see about 5 more panels that day, but it wasn’t possible, and I’m pretty satisfied in what we did (more of that when I sum up my feelings on the overwhelming nature of Comic Con).

We got the the cinema and waited to give our details, before the excitement started to dawn that we were really about to see the world premiere of a film!

(Next update, my review of District 9, with no spoilers)



  1. This sounds like being in paradise, but having to make some really brutal decisions on who makes it into your paradise.

    The dexter panel would have been excellent. I would have got down on my hands and knees before James Olmos, just doing a basic abasement and worship 🙂

    I would like for you to do a rought costing at the end, since it seems worthwhile investment.

  2. sure, will do the costs as a final post

  3. Phew, it’s exhausting just reading about it!

  4. Exactly what Unwize said! I think I need a lie down. 😀

  5. LOST bobble-heads sound good, do they do the whole cast?

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