A Little Pissed

August 7, 2009

Decided I wanted to check out WAR for a month or so to say hi to people. Decided to use 10 day reactivation offer to use old chars and account to do so. They want me to transfer them all to some random server, not the one I want. My fault perhaps. But I’ll be starting over on Karak Norn to try and find a couple of you.

I will be returning to Comic Con slow coverage. Just life is a bitch at the moment!



  1. You could try emailing customer service. “I would like to resubscribe but…” are sometimes the magic words, especially if you can point to them having gotten rid of your old server.

  2. Are you absolutely sure there wasn’t an option just to ignore that request. I know Mythic/GOA can be a little bit stupid in their implementations, but even I can’t imagine they would force a server transfer for a 10 trial on a pre existing account.

    If they have implemented this, then they are trully clueless and it’s another example of doing 95% of the work and just getting that last 5% wrong.

    • I may not have paid full attention, to be honest. But I was fairly sure I was only offered Eltharion, which I didn’t pick cos it’s RvR and I don’t fancy it much.

      Either way, made a baby Witch Hunter!

  3. meh that is sucky, I think you would enjoy Land of the Dead..

    • I made Lark the baby Witch Hunter there… just to say hi.

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