Day Two: Friday at Comic Con

August 10, 2009

Day two had some tough decisions for us, and we also had a bit of a mess-up at the end of the day, but one we perhaps couldn’t have predicted. So, first of all, things we missed:

  • Batman (I wanted to go see the Neil Patrick Harris ep)
  • The Guild (we tried, but line was too long)
  • The Prisoner (clashed)
  • Flash Forward (clashed)
  • Star Wars:the Old Republic (clashed)
  • Jericho (clashed)
  • Penguin & DK (book geek panel that clashed also)

That’s a hell of a lot to sacrifice! And it shows some of the decision making we had to do on a daily basis.

So… what did we see?

  • Stargate Universe
  • Caprica/The Plan
  • Big Bang Theory
  • the start of 24
  • TV Guide’s Sci Fi Hot list

Now, if we’d skipped food and another trip to the Exhibit Hall, we wouldn’t have missed quite so much, but food is a big part of things and we started later today than we’d meant to (plus bear in mind some of the stuff that clashed , listed above, clashed with one another as well as what we saw).

Stargate Universe we saw because it preceded Caprica/The Plan. I watched the first two series of SG1 but then became overwhelmed with the amount of Stargate out there, so lost track. But that being said the panel was entertaining and showed some trailers for the new show. And I adore Robert Carlyle so I’ll probably give it a chance. It’s still odd to me he’ll be in this show at all, because of his flighty nature, but I’ll be watching and because of that I’m glad I saw the panel. The writers and many of the cast were there, and they explained some of the ways it’ll be different from what went before, but still part of the Stargate family. I think it takes place on a spaceship, if I don’t remember wrong. Mostly for me, it’s all about Robert Carlyle though.

Caprica and The Plan shared a panel which included Ron D Moore, Esai Morales, Edward James Olmos, Grace Park (halfway through), Jane Espenson and others. After clips of both shows they discussed the legacy of BSG and how different a show Caprica is, given that it takes place before all the shit hit the fan, but when it was starting to bubble under the surface with the creation of the Cylon race. Edward James Olmos and Jane Espenson talked at length about The Plan, which for those that don’t know is a TV movie which explains the Cylon plan through BSG and tells the same story through Cylon eyes. This was quite a writing feat for Espenson who described it as rubik’s cube writing, because there’s already a very fixed timeline of events in BSG and she had to work within these. Olmos directed and stated his firm belief that BSG doesn’t have to end with The Plan, if sales and viewing figures are high enough, there may be more offshoots! I’m excited about both ‘shows’, so this was one of the panels I didn’t mind missing others for. Plus watching Esai and ‘Eddie’ interact was priceless, especially Esai’s impression of Admiral Adama!

We didn’t even have to leave the room before the Big Bang Theory panel started, with the entire cast and some of the writers. So we sat and watched. It was a witty panel, but not in the way we’d expected. It’s always a bit of a shock to see how unlike their characters the actors are in terms of Physics knowledge, but it was amusing to see how shockingly similar they were in mannerisms in some ways. It’s a fun show, and something I came to really late, but now I wouldn’t miss it for the world. It’s funny to think of it as a sitcom even though that’s what it is. They talked a lot about the fun they have making it, Jim Parsons’ Emmy nod and how the various characters would react to specific things. Enjoyable, but not as funny as we’d perhaps expected from this panel.

Then we saw the cast of 24 before skipping the room. Ok, so they’re adding Katee Sackhoff and Freddie Prinze Jr next year, but I’m almost done with 24 and we needed to go get food and recuperate a little. Though to be honest, I can’t remember what we did. So we either went to the Exhibit Hall or went off-site to go get food. Probably the latter!

We returned to queue for Ballroom 20 during the Dollhouse panel. Yes, I watch the show, but I don’t love it just yet. And they were showing the unseen ep with Felicia Day, which I’d somehow managed to watch, so we kind of figured we’d skip this and queue for the panel we really wanted to see the Sci Fi Hot List. And this is where we made our mistake. We ended up queuing through Dollhouse and Joss Whedon when we could have just walked up and got into the panel. Sometimes the need to queue is hard to guess. I thought the Hot List panel would be much fuller… so we wasted an hour and a half in a very long line, standing next to a She-Ra that everyone wanted to photograph. We also got to see a very disturbing Pikachu, which was some skinny guy in a Pikachu hat and yellow underpants. Seriously!

So the Sci Fi Hot list was important to us because of Zachary Levi. We knew we were going to miss the Chuck panel because of Lost, so we wanted to see him in something! It also had Jim Parsons, Allison DuBois, Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Scott Peters, Kevin Williamson, Rebecca Romijn, John Cho, Marc Guggenheim. And it covered the shows: Big Bang Theory, Chuck, Eastwick, Vampire Diaries, Flash Forward, V and DuBois’ new crime show (which sounded dull so have already forgot about it). Out of the list only Eastwick and Vampire Diaries didn’t interest me at all after we saw clips from them. But I did like that we saw clips from all (for Chuck it was the final scene of S2 instead of any previews). The panel was a great mix and quite lively, with most questions for John Cho, Zachary Levi and Jim Parsons. They had to get in clips from each show, but I actually appreciated that as we hadn’t got to all the panels we’d wanted.

And at that point it was 7:30-ish and I went to find the people I’d agreed I was going to queue for the Lost panel with, who were already lined up and waiting, while Lynn went to grab some sleep. And for the rest of friday, Lynn was back at the hotel while I queued for Lost and got to meet a whole new set of friends from The ODI website and associated community. Highlights of the Friday night included speaking to and meeting Zachary Levi (and having photo taken with him like a true Chuck fangirl), seeing and speaking to Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse (producers of Lost – when they came to say hi to the line), and just chatting Lost and Comic Con with people insane as me in terms of queuing abilities!  It was definitely worth it!!



  1. You most have been undead by the end of that day. I am off to have a sit down in sympathy.

  2. most = must

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