Day Three: Lost!

August 12, 2009

Day 2 and 3 merged into one for me, due to my overnight camp-out for the Lost panel, which was due to start mid-morning on saturday. I had lofty plans and decisions for what I should do after the panel, but truthfully I was knackered. I wandered the Exhibit Hall, checked some queues, and went back to the hotel and slept it all off. It was a rough day for me, after some bad news from home the day before, and having to keep a brave face on it amongst a sea of strangers.

Comic Con security were pretty nice to us overnight, and the whole line kept in good spirits – there were no fights over places, and everyone stayed in a good mood throughout. They opened some indoor toilets for us, so that was my biggest concern out the way, and I managed to stay up with The ODI group for all but about an hour of the night, when I slept. Lynn showed up around 4am I think, with bananas, doughnuts and water. I felt kind of ill by then, but tried to eat stuff through the night.

The final official Lost panel was a big draw to Comic Con for me, so it was important to me to experience the whole line-up thing. I queued on the pavement overnight in London for the final night of Rent, so I knew I could do it. Even with people I didn’t know quite so well! Highlights included getting a lei from a Hurley, playing ‘let’s list Lost ep titles’ with the people I was grouped with, meeting new people, and the swell-up of excitement. Also got to let Jay & Jack through to talk to Kris of the official Lost podcast as my good deed for the day (ps. I appear in approx 1/2 sec in the background of said podcast).

The panel itself was all shades of awesome and I heartily recommend anyone who’s up-to-date with Lost goes to watch it online here. Ben’s been my favourite character since he appeared on the show, so seeing Michael Emerson made my day, and the other cast members only made it sweeter. It really was a gift to fans with hints suggesting what we’ve already guessed about Season 6, but without giving any spoilers, so we can all get to it clean. I can’t wait, despite it being the end of the show, I feel like celebrating every last episode.

But it did clean out the day for me at Comic Con. Lynn, who’d slept more, got to sneak into some of Glee, Heroes, Fringe True Blood and all the things I’d wanted to see afterwards but had slept through. And yet, I don’t regret it for one moment (and he got me swag from Fringe and True Blood, yay!) Well, truthfully the only thing I wish I’d had energy for was the Watchmen showing, but I woke up too late to get to it, so that decision was out of my hands.

If I go back, I don’t think I’ll ever have such a big ‘must-see’ again, but I have to be realistic about staying up all night and what it means! And I still don’t feel bad that I did it.

One comment

  1. LOST! Love LOST!

    I still don’t know how you came out the other side still able to walk. It’s been many years since I went to any convention, but I do remember being flat-out knackered for at least a week afterwards. Too much excitement and too little sleep will do that to one. 😀

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