Final Day at Comic Con

August 23, 2009


After I’d slept a lot of saturday I wasn’t going to let it happen again. So I got up early with an alarm, having packed the day before I left Lynn to check out of the hotel and buzzed down to the Convention Centre(er, I know). I wanted to see the Supernatural panel at 11:45 (I’m a massive fan and I don’t care who knows it), so um.. I got in line at 7am. Before Supernatural was Smallville. And apparently Smallville has tons of fans! I only saw the first two seasons, so I’m not very ‘up’ on Smallville, but apparently some of this crowd was down to the fact Tom Welling was rumoured to be showing up for the first time in the show’s Comic Con history. And seriously, this was a BIG line, even at 7am.

So we queued, and at 9-ish the queue was moved closer to the room the panel was going to be in. And we queued some more. Smallville was the first panel of the day in there. But eventually we all streamed into the room and I found myself a decent seat so I wouldn’t have to move for Supernatural. Got a Smallville baseball hat (or IQ-reducer as an ex of mine fondly called them) and settled down for the panel.

There were tons of the cast there, including Callum Blue who’s joining to play Zod. I like him from Dead Like Me, so that was cool. Also Jeph Loeb ran the panel. And yes, Tom Welling was there, which kind of ruined most of the fan questions as people just stared at him (I think he’s fairly gormless looking, perfect Superman!). But it was an entertaining panel and made me want to peek at season 9 at least, so I guess it did the trick. There’s a good write-up of the Smallville stuff here.

And then it was time for Supernatural. Probably my no. 2 most important panel after Lost (also cos I had to miss Chuck for Lost). I already knew the two main actors weren’t going to be there, but that was ok, cos Misha Collins (who plays Castiel) and Jim Beaver (who plays Bobby) were there, along with Eric Kripke, Ben Edlund and Sera Gamble. The Supernatural Wiki has links to all the videos and comments here, and that’s a better summary than I can give perhaps.

During the panel I discovered that the new season is definitely going to start with a shock and a bang, the preview clip was amazing. The actors all seemed good fun, Misha Collins was hilarious. And is probably one of the only ‘good’ guys I like in TV (my tastes run more towards the Ben Linus’ of the world). He’s VERY popular with the crowds and knew how to work it. I just love this show, the witty irreverence and sheer fun of it all. I also discovered my camera zooms more in video mode so got some good little vid clips of it all, but really the ones I linked to are better and less flighty than mine. I didn’t want to watch it all through a camera lens, but to sit back and enjoy the experience too.

And it was definitely worth it. Great panel and great fun.

Then met up again with Lynn who’d missed the queue and went to some other rather strange stuff, before going back to the Exhibit Hall and speaking to Jasika Nicole of Fringe and getting a signed pic saying he was cute. I have to mention that because we tease him for not understanding what a ‘pretty boy’ is. In fact, he still doesn’t!

After Supernatural we queued for Ballroom 20 again, to see Torchwood/Being Human panel. Have to support SOME of BBC America, eh? And I love Being Human, and this year’s Torchwood was much better than previous. Shame to have missed Doctor Who, but I just don’t like it as much as Supernatural. Not Sorry!

CC sunday 070

Being Human was a really sweet panel. The cast were obviously excited about being over and the crowd cheered them on. Russell Tovey asked for a Mexican wave and got one. Most the questions came from people from the UK, or who’d somehow managed to see the whole show in the US ;p

The clips they showed were a little spoilery in my opinion, but they went down well and I really hope people give it a chance. Not just cos it has vampires in, because honestly the werewolf and ghost stories are more compelling in series 1 of the show. Can’t wait for series 2.

And then the camp. RTD and John Barrowman came to talk Torchwood. Which meant a lot of bigging it up, dissing some fans (in RTD’s case) and shameless flirting (in Barrowman’s). But it was a good season, and deserved the support it got.

After the joint panel, it was time for the Buffy musical that finishes off Comic Con. But we didn’t desperately want to stay for it, so said our goodbyes to Ballroom 20 and went back to the hotel to pick up our stuff and relocate to cheaper hotel (supposedly near airport) for the night. Where I slept like a log and Lynn went for a walk.

And that was it, Comic Con 2009 for me and Lynn. We both had planes the next day and were pretty shattered but elated.

High points for me were: the Lost queue and panel experience, District 9, the preview night, freebies!, the Supernatural panel, swag bags and just being amongst my own geeky kind!

(pricing next post)



  1. Thanks for that, I enjoyed reading about your experiences.

  2. I’m exhausted all over again just reading that. Lots of queueueueueing though, I hadn’t expected that. I don’t recall queueing up for that long back when I went to cons – though of course that was in prehistoric times. Before cellphones, even. 😉

  3. I’m surprised you didn’t go to the Bioware booth to play some Dragon Age!

    • I really really wanted to, but everytime I left the Center and saw the Bioware gaming place, I was so damn tired! I did get a massive window clingy thing of the logo I intend to plaster around the house ;p

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