Comic Con: money, next year and thoughts

August 24, 2009

First, bear in mind I had to come in from the UK! Then that my friend, Lynn, covered the hotels, bar the final night.

Flights: £600 (actually I paid £754 to go to Hawai’i first then San Diego, then London, but the return trip, when I looked was £600)

Comic Con ticket: $65 (Lynn got it at preview prices the previous year, would have been $75 otherwise)

Final night hotel: $75, with cabs to get there at $11 and $15 (to airport from hotel)

Hotel Lynn paid for: ~$200/night for 4 nights (he wanted to be within walking distance, which was awesome, I have to say!)

Things I bought: $17 for Ben Linus bobblehead

Food: Well, this can be as much or as little as you can get by on. We went to the food area at the local mall and spent $7-8 per proper meal, of which we had either 1 or 2 per day. We went to the supermarket but not often, filled bottles at the Convention Center/re – but food wasn’t a really big deal. I think I had around $100 on me when we hit San Diego after Hawai’i and spent it all! Also put some on the credit card, so this is the hardest category for me. We also had a couple of $20/per person meals which didn’t have to be there!!

We had no internal San Diego travel costs bar taxi to and from the final hotel (Lynn got the taxi from airport to the first hotel).

But as you can see, it does really add up, and if I’d had to even pay my share of the hotel it would have been much harder for me to go.

2010 the Comic Con tickets are up to $100 for all days (some with preview night, some without). That’s still a great deal for a multi-day show.

And I admit being at a hotel within 10 mins walk was amazing. I’d probably look to get a 4 person room  if I went again, since then I’d probably find it easier to split the cost.

But for those of us not in the US, the flight is the really big deal. And who knows when the best time is to buy it. Was kind of upset the only airline that was really affordable went bankrupt, but hey at least I hadn’t bought a ticket with them.

As it happens, I have taken leave off work for next years, but with no plans to go… just yet. If I did, I’d try and see some smaller panels, and not queue for as long, especially with ones that’ll be online anyway. But having said that, just being in the room was an experience I’d never trade in, so I think I’d juggle it better, and see both small and large and try to see more of the games and comics, since I love them both too.

I wish I could be sparky and say ‘let’s organise a mass outing for next year’, but I’m tired and blah, and I wish the UK had anything similar…

But, if anyone is thinking of going next year, let’s at least stay in touch about it – I’m sure there are savings that could be made, and it could be a lot of fun!



  1. If you mean Zoom airlines then I feel your pain – it was the only budget airline to fly to Bermuda. Now I’m stuck with BA.

    I’m amazed the UK is so lame at getting shows like these together on a regular basis. I don’t think I’d ever get to make it over to the US for such a show.

  2. I was thinking about going next year. Where will it be at? I’ve always wanted to go to one of these events. After reading all your tweets, I was sure you were a famous celebrity. I still think you are. If I got to the UK I’ll have to hide in the bushes and see if I can get pictures of you eating breakfast and tweeting.

    • It’s in San Diego till 2012 at least I think!

      And if only I was a celeb 🙂

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