Big distraction

August 28, 2009

Ok, me and Spinks have been talking for the last hour about this in hushed excitement. Go to her blog and read it. Looks like CCP is going to finally announce the WoD MMO at PAX. Kudos to Spinks for a right time, right place, snoop. And for me for well… assisting her in being excited!

And as Rohan is almost certainly going to be announced then, or off the radar for a while. It’s going to be a busy week for reading next week for me. And for excitement.



  1. I hadn’t been thinking about how late the Rohan announcement is seeming – if it doesn’t get announced now, I don’t see how it could possibly still be on track for release this year. PAX has really made it big if they’re at the point where they get multiple major title announcements at the con. 🙂

  2. Well, a dev hinted that there’d be some big news this week, which pretty much leaves today, unless its been pushed back.

  3. Forget the big news, just an ‘Ask the devs’ initiative:


    Guess it’s PAX or nothing!

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