August 30, 2009

And in a personal update. Did I mention I got promoted at work? It’s cool, and means I’ll be working saturdays only. Which means more time for games, and um.. other hobbies! (expect lots of news of the bread varieties I’ve learned to bake as it’s an obsession).

Also means I get to read a ton of teenage books, since I’m taking over the teenage book club in the library I’m moving to. Am really quite excited! Love the idea of teen reading group and means I can get in plenty of fantasy literature. In a non-creepy kind of way.

Have caught up with Song of Ice and Fire, so now await the next book. Just started Malazan books by Erikson. In comics am reading Persepolis, and have a couple of JSA books at home. Also eyeing up Fables, so that’ll probably be next.

In theatre, I want to see Priscilla.

In TV, I await with impatience the recommencement of Supernatural, and every other show. But especially Supernatural right now.



  1. I really enjoyed the few Malazan books I’ve read. Want to get back to them eventually but they’re a little bit..exhausting, I guess? I think I’ll start all over when I do. I was lost through the first half of the first book and think I’d get more out of it in a second read.

  2. Grats, enjoy Twilight!

    There’s a lot of very cool teenage fiction, I have been known to dip into the teenage shelves at my library.

    Someone gave me this: it’s great


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