August 31, 2009

I don’t play many computer games. I especially don’t play many non-MMOs, unlike almost all of my peers.

I never played games much, preferring to watch skilled games-players (and sisters) play through the games. I guess I have performance anxiety!

I finally finished a game when I played Ultima 6 on an old crappy PC Spinks was given when she left one of her first jobs (and we shared a flat). I was so proud of myself, but was in my early 20s. I used to play bits and pieces, but in real roughshod manner. I then played most of the Ultima games, but not all the way through. In fact, husband had to play Ultima 9 for me cos I couldn’t be bothered with the bugs but wanted to see the story.

Then I finished Final Fantasy X and X-2 on the PS2. I played lots of games in-between, but they were mostly things like Civilization and SimCity. And Diablo 1. And then eventually Diablo 2, which I played for over a year. Seriously. I finished it long before that, but I played it lots and lots, and only a couple of times on Battle.Net.

I’ve never finished a Bioware game. In fact, I haven’t played many at all. I played some of Fallout and Fallout 2 before handing them over to husband to finish for me also. I’m a lazy gamer, what can I say!?

And yet, I have Dragon Age: Origins and Diablo III on pre-order. I have Mass Effect, Oblivion, Fallout 3 all on my desktop. I want to play Fable 2 (but can’t due to no console), I want to look at Final Fantasy 13 (see above). I want to play these games.

But MMOs are easier for me because of the social side, I guess. I have no idea. I don’t know many MMO-ers who aren’t gamers too. Or maybe I’m a bit too honest about my own inability to play through a game!



  1. Are people going to beat me if I also admit to never having played a Bioware game (though I’ve watched my brother play many)

    • well, given that I pretty much said that, I doubt they’ll be searching you out.

  2. Diablo 3 out soon, maybe we can meet online in that ^^

    • that would be fun!

  3. “I don’t know many MMO-ers who aren’t gamers too.”

    I’m one of them! No console, for one (though if I had one I’d probably have played Fable 2). And not much interest in shooters and stuff like that. I much prefer watching people with skills play them — used to watch my mates play Tomb Raider back in the day, when if they got ambushed by T-rex I didn’t end up jumping 4′ into the air. 😀

    I do play some single player games, mostly strategy ones & build’em’ups (Heroes of Might and Magic before it got crap, Civ, SimCity, etc.). But not many, and not often.

  4. I don’t finish many games either, but I keep buying them. At least I’ve trained myself to wait to buy them when they’re a few months old to save some $$.

    I did finish Fable 2. And I played Bioware’s KOTOR and, are you ready for this? Didn’t really like it. Which is why I’m the only MMO player not all that excited about SW:TOR. Now I’ll get an angry mob throwing rotten veggies at me.

    • To be honest, the Star Wars setting fails to do much for me. Though I do intend to borrow KOTOR from Spinks sometime, and play it through. I also have strong concerns about the grouping in SW:TOR. And any Vampire MMO would win me over anyday over Star Wars.

  5. I think I fit a little closer to you than many gamers. I haven’t completed many games I’ve picked up, but I tend to prefer more open ended games as well. The SimCities of the gaming world.

    I don’t own a console either (well, I have a GameCube, but that doesn’t count). I’m definitely a PC gamer, but I’m pretty selective in what I play, especially with my extremely limited budget right now.

    • looks like there’s more of us about than I thought. Next stage is to wonder why.. but that qould require research ;p

  6. @Ardua
    I’ve never played a Bioware game either. I’m not a big fan of console games. When I played my first MMO (EQ1) I forgot about consoles. I’m not even excited about Diablo 3 even though they were the gateway drugs to WoW. I wouldn’t even know a single Bioware title if there wasn’t an MMO coming out by them.

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