September 4, 2009

I knew one day all my geeky hobbies would pay off. So finding out I won a Watchmen competition over at the Limited Edition podcast really made my trip home from work yesterday a far more exciting one. Validation that reading comics is good for you! As is winning prizes!!

Anyway, if you don’t listen to the podcast, you should consider it (esp if you read this blog). They now alternate between talking about comics and talking about games (so essentially it’s two podcasts from the same stable), and even if you don’t read comics actively, the chit-chat is interesting and worthwhile. And the same goes if you don’t usually play games, but read comics instead. There’s cross-pollination and general all-round good geekery.

Check out an episode or two and see what you think. And let me know (if you remember!)



  1. I just can’t get into podcasts. 😦 I try, but it’s hard work. Nothing to do with the people doing the podcasts (many of whom I find very interesting and/or amusing)… I dunno. It just feels odd to sit at my desk listening to them. Maybe if I had a commute longer than 10m, and/or an iPod. 😉

  2. When at home I listen to them like the radio. I don’t tend to have in-game sound on, so I listen while I mine, or grind mobs or do something dull.

    Otherwise I listen on my commute. Also, I listen a bit in bath or cooking..

  3. I listen to them during my commute. You need a commute, Ysh!

    I keep hearing Limited Edition podcast mentioned on twitter, but this is the first time anyone has mentioned what it’s about. Had no clue it was about games and comics. Assumed it was something to do with collectibles or something.

    Thanks Arbitrary!

  4. The problem I have with podcasts is that they tend to be so long. Also when I’m listening, I often want to shout at the presenters or join in 😛

    But Limited Edition rocks 🙂 and congrats on the win.

  5. Congratz! 😀 Limited Edition is really worth a listen….. but I “may” be bias 😉

    Check us out at http://yellowspandex.com or even better, join in the fun over at http://mmovoices.ning.com


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