September 7, 2009

No Vampire announcement at PAX. But the party sounded like it was fun, and it meant I got to scour twitter and add some more people of interest! Bring it on. I’m even going to read Vampire: the Requiem. Also discovered Darker Days podcast, which covers White Wolf topics and was a real wave of nostalgia for me. Think I’ll continue with it and possibly talk to a few people about running a game of something, sometime.

Went through some of my Comic Con stuff yesterday as we had a guest over. Found my Jedi reading magnets from DK (they say something Yodaish about needing to read more to become a Jedi – perfect for the library fridges!), also some other stuff. I need to go through it all properly sometime, in case there’s stuff people would like. Unsure of what to do with MASSIVE Dragon Age clingies, but I love them nonetheless. Ditto the inflatable swords. If you want a badge that looks like a button – let me know!

Tried out an old alt, after getting very down. Was kind of nice to be in a quiet place, but I really am not a natural alt-er, not unless I have company or a new zone to look at, or something else to distract me.



  1. I’m a bugger for alts. I only really “play” MMOs when there’s someone to play with. Otherwise I just pick at them with random alts or whatever. Just for exploring etc 🙂

    It all envitably ends up totally out of control with all my character slots taken up with random lowbies XD

    • My problem is getting them past 30, the minute I need to worry about epics, or loot, or deeds, I give up!

      But I might try again. And you guys should be on Laurelin!

  2. Well arse. I really thought we were going to get some kind of announcement. Finding *any* news more recent than January is almost impossible.

    Grr. Argh.

    • I love how you signed off. Think we should do the project anyway, just slower.

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