In Which I Attempt a Links Post

September 15, 2009

I can’t even begin to list all the blog posts that have kept me entertained and enthralled while I’ve been away from home, so I had to start afresh, and thought I’d link to some of the more recent stories and posts that I’d recommend:

First of all, from the Codemasters’ Blog, I bring you Faya’s favourite designs in the recent Design-a-Horse competition. You have to love the pimped out tiger skin blanket and the Pirate Horse. Arrrrr!

Bootae brings up a fascinating subject that I may return to sometime if I remember. If you had to pick your golden team of classes from any MMO, what would it consist of?

We Fly Spitfires asks about whether guild websites are worth it? To be honest, I couldn’t imagine not having a guild website, the amount of tattle that goes on on ours is fairly legendary (including the current thread where people post screenshots and everyone else has to try and guess where it is in-game).

Syp reminds me of my beloved ‘No Elves’ campaign, and notes that IGN have joined. He also warns of the dangers of elves in Dragon Age. Reader, beware.

Skar has some wise words on MMO tourism. It reminded me how often I compare things to DAoC, and they come out poorly.

Congrats to the Ancient Gaming Noob on 3 years in the sun! Always worth reading, too.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun cover the Bethesda/Interplay legal wranglings, and I echo their words. Go read the full article they link to. Sobering thoughts, and it saddens me, because I love Fallout, in all forms and flavours.

Go read Hawley’s blog! (slipping it in there, did you notice?)

That’s it for now, am saving more each day.


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  1. Thanks for the link, much appreciated 🙂

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