What do a Triple Nelson and LotRO have in common?

September 16, 2009

Codemasters just announced on their web pages and Twitter that they’d be giving away 111 full Shadows of Angmar game keys, as well as other prizes to celebrate Bilbo and Frodo’s birthdays. The big celebrations will span next week, from 21st Sept to 25th Sept.

So, first of all get yourself a Codemasters online player account (using link in the quoted section), so you’re ready to activate a key. Then get or bookmark the Twitter channels, check the forums and keep an eye on the May Contain Gamers blog. And, if you win and want to pop in and say hi – I play on Laurelin and would be delighted to have a chat.

Twitter for your Key
Don’t forget to follow the LOTRO_Europe and Codies Twitter channels and as we will be giving away keys on them both. First person to grab the key and activate it into a Codemasters Online player account wins it.

May Contain Keys
The Codies’ May Contain Gamers blog will have a competition running for a number of keys and a Mines of Moria Special Edition.

The LOTRO Europe Forums
We’re even giving away keys on the community forums, so don’t forget to join us there.

Make a date in your diary to join us from the 21st – 25th September for a whole week of celebrating!



  1. Am I just being overly cynical in seeing this as “Hey, we’re celebrating this event by trolling for new subscriptions by giving away free boxes!”

    I suppose I should wait to see what, if anything, they’re putting together for current subscribers.

    Am I being overly cynical in thinking that it’ll be some sort of rep. grind for trinkets?

    Yeah, all right, rhetorical questions.

    • Well, new subs are their lifeblood, so of course it’s slightly cynical and marketing-y. But on the flipside, it’s a decent game, so why not get some people to see it for free. There’s no guarantee it’ll make them monthly money or Moria sales, to be honest – it’s more of a gimmicky free trial for some.

      In-game, we’ll either get fireworks or a festival. But we have had GM-run spontaneous events around Bilbo/Frodos’ birthday before, with some nice cosmetic items and titles. So I’d bet on that actually. Which is pretty fun if you’re around when they do them but pretty crappy if you’re not. Still, the first year they mostly forgot and put in a lame quest and lamer reward ;p

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