I’d like…

September 21, 2009

…some more general info about Siege of Mirkwood please. It’s a new week and I need something to think about. UK pricing would be nice. Any idea of pre-order timings and/or offers, also. Not too worried about content, I’ll play through that anyway, and yes, I know it’s hobbit birthday week this week, so we’re less likely to hear, but one or two snippets. Please.

What I’ve been watching:

An Emmylicious morsel from Dr Horrible:

And my favourite Lost star gets his well-deserved award.

Did I mention, over the weekend both my husband and myself bought Comic Con 2010 tickets!? Doesn’t mean we’ll 100% be going, but you can cancel them up to June 2010, so at least we now have 4-day tickets to think about. Must save up some cash for the ridiculously expensive airfare and hotels.



  1. I am so happy that there was a Dr. Horrible clip with the cast. I eat up as much Jossness as I can get my hands on, and having that clip was a wonderful little surprise last night. I hope it shows up on a special edition DVD somewhere and sometime.

  2. It did make me laugh.

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