Happy Birthday!

September 22, 2009

Two of the things I love turn 5 today. First, pictured with his 3rd birthday present, is Diesel:

And secondly, Lost (the show), which premiered on 22nd Sept 2004. I never actually made the connection before, because Diesel didn’t arrive ON his birthday, and because his is a somewhat made-up date for us to celebrate on, since he came to us on 22nd April 2005 aged 7 months, so we did the maths. But we’ve always celebrated on 22nd Sept.

To celebrate the Lost anniversary, you can now go enrol at the Lost University, and take a fun little enrolment test. Not sure it’ll go anywhere, except for those that buy the Blu Ray, but I liked my student ID.

[Edit: Yes, yes – is also Bilbo/Frodo’s birthday – but unlike Lost and Diesel, hobbits are fictional as are their dates of birth!]



  1. Well… they haven’t let us down yet. I was a bit skeptical after Comic-con… but they have already updated the site 4 times since then… and every time I call the phone number that was on the back of the card, it has been updated. I am intrigued… and so far… willing to give them the benefit of doubt. Keep it up LOST UNIVERSITY staff!!!!!! :^)

  2. Cute cat 🙂 Happy birthdayish.

    (typical, my first comment here and it’s about a sweet puddy cat ;p)

  3. That means… it is CATURDAY!

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