Prediction for Mirkwood

September 22, 2009

I am heading to London 14th-19th November. I’ve been away for the past few book updates and for the start of Moria (our only other expansion). So I’ll predict that week as the start of the Siege of Mirkwood (with my tongue firmly in my cheek, but it IS a plausible date).

Anyone want to add predictions based on superstition or pure, honest guesswork, feel free!


  1. Actually, that’s a *very* plausible date since MoM came out around that time as well. It would not surprise me at all to see it released in that window.

    • I TRULY have a gift for going away just as they release things ;p

  2. According to discussions on the official forums: in the U.S. it is the norm for games to be released on a Tuesday!? I have no idea how true this is…

    November makes sense as the month for release… so Tuesdays would be 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th. As Thanksgiving is late in November, and the expansion will almost certainly need a lot of staff available after release, I think we can exclude the 24th… The 3rd seems too early…

    That leaves the 10th and 17th… Mines of Moria was released on the 18th Nov last year… so I reckon the 18th sounds most likely…

    So yep… your timing sucks! 😀

    • If it’s 17th in US, then chances are 19th in UK, in which case I’m coming home that day. That’s actually what I’m hoping happens 🙂

  3. *17th seems most likely

  4. MoM went live 18 November, so my money is on 17 November 09 for Siege of Mirkwood!!

  5. I’m going to guess the 24th, because Thanksgiving weekend is probably the second biggest shopping weekend of the year here in the States (second only to pre-Xmas), and because if they want to make staff work over that weekend, they certainly will, lovely nice games company or no lovely nice games company. More or less all retail employees are not only working on the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is usually a holiday for everyone else, but many of them have to go in early since shops tend to open WAY early (eg 5AM) and stay open way late on that day.

    Anyway, I say 24th.

    What’s the prize? Do I win a pony if I get it right? 😀

    • I have no idea of the data here, but I’m not convinced that the holiday season is as big of a deal for MMORPG players as other games. How many players are really going to wait for a month before upgrading to the next expansion just so someone else can pay to put it under the tree? Perhaps you want to have boxes out on the shelves to attract new and former players, but that point is moot with Mirkwood since it is digital only.

      That all said, I think the mid-Nov date makes a lot of sense, we’ll see whether it happens.

  6. Err, Thanksgiving being on the 26th here in the States this year. Probably make more sense if I’d added that above. 😛

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