Amusing interludes

September 28, 2009

Had some friends visit yesterday to discuss cakes and Ars Magica campaigns. So looks like I’ll be tabletop RPing again soon. Scary/Fun.

To get everyone in the mood, here’s some sites they recommended which I’m spending my morning reading.

First: DM of the Rings, an imagining of Lord of the Rings as a tabletop campaign, along with witty asides, player cliches, etc etc.

Second: Darth & Droids – a similar imagining of Star Wars (the new films, starting with Phantom Menace).

These are FAR too diverting, and I’m loving them. There’s my morning gone.


  1. Ah, Ars Magica campaigns. Our old group is still going, minus me. 😐


    • I’ve never ever played it. Once read a bit of the sourcebook at Spinks’. So I’m a bit scared of being rubbish. But it’s nice to have anyone that we know and that RPs so near us. It won’t take off too soon, since she’s due to give birth in 2 weeks, but that gives me a chance to read some of the rules! (and they’re setting it in Steampunk London 1880s – hurrah).

      • Aye, we adapted the basic AM system (3rd ed, we’re snobs and don’t like most of 4th Ed and whatever may have been put out since 😛 ) to a whole bunch of other settings. It’s more flexible than the old VtM buckets-o-dice system while being essentially the same. Also, the crit success / horrible botch system is a lot of fun. 😀

  2. Thanks for those links, I can’t stop myself from giggling every time I go to tabs with those two comics… ;D

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