Mirkwood dated

September 30, 2009

Turbine have announced Siege of Mirkwood for 1st Dec (thus somewhat breaking my curse of being away, but I note that one of my ‘fixed’ group friends is away that weekend!). We don’t have the EU date yet, but it’ll be around then. We usually get their tuesday content on a thursday – but it may also be the following week, or they may even try and release it the same day. Either way, it’s the start of December.

The pricing and pre-order offers are a little bizarre. But they work out so that those not on lifetime subs just need to take a multi-month sub out and they get SoM for free, and lifetimers get to buy an ‘Adventurers Pack’ for $20 to get SoM free. Otherwise they both can wait till after the pre-orders and pay $20 for the pack and then for the expansion, costing $40 altogether. The Pack gives a free goat, 2 extra char slots, shared storage across the account and a cloak with a speed buff. It’s basically fluff (except for alt-ers) and represents how Turbine have chosen to deal with the lifetimers issue! Also that there are sufficient lifetimers to BE an issue. Oh, and for the pre-order period the lifetime offer is back to $199.

We now await Codemasters pre-order offerings, but I imagine they will be similar. (though to hear chatter last night, I’d say I was among the minority in my optimism!).

Turbine have some dev diaries up on mounts, storage and the start of skirmishes. Probably the easiest to put up straight away and the most ‘fluff’ oriented, until they get to the meat of the skirmishes anyway. I did learn that we get mount emotes, and mounted emotes and that I’ll be able to summon people on horseback. Yay. But other than the date, I await other news of the ‘expansion’ with anticipation.



  1. I thought it was a really smart, well devised set of offers. Lots of people will feel as though they’re getting a decent deal (which they are), and the adventurers pack will probably be useful to people way in the future … any time they need more slots … so it’s a nice sop to the lifetimers to offer that to them now along with SoM without feeling as though they’re being nickled and dimed.

  2. As a lifer, $20 for the adventure pack with the expansion being “free” is ok, although I prefer to think of it as getting the pack for free and pay $20 for the expansion.

    I really don’t see the adventure pack being worth $20 on its own, maybe $5 or possibly $10 but definitely not $20.

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