October 6, 2009

I’ve not disappeared. Diesel (aforementioned cat) is on the mend, but has taken up a lot of my time and attention to make sure he’s a. eating his meds, b. improving, c. not being victimised by Princess Malarkey (she added the Princess!). He’s doing much better, but a limp remains. And we’re back to the evil boss vet tomorrow. Fun!

Spinks is also on her way up to me today. Hurrah. I shall kidnap her and steal her blogging vibe. Or not blog much while I entertain her.

Actually, I do have some serious blog posts planned. They may be a little less whimsical than my norm, which is probably why I’ve delayed them to watch TV instead. And, on that note, Supernatural is being superb! Also loving pretty much everything else on my watchlist, but with a special place for Supernatural.


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