Musings (and a bit of peer pressure)

October 13, 2009

I want to love Dragon Age: Origins. I’m sure I will. I like RPGs, I like story. And yet, I don’t want to spoil it with trailers (which I hear rock) or with chit-chat about the game.

And I’m not sure I really have the money right now to justify buying the game new. We tend to only buy things when they’re around a year old in this house, or for birthdays. MMOs are the exception to the rule, because I like being in on day one (might make an exception for Fallen Earth some day).

The character creator for DA:O is due out today and I’m sure I’ll have a play with it. But I may well not have the game on release. The fact they want to sell me DLC on day one has helped push me further towards the ‘wait for the Game of the Year edition’ camp, even if it means having to buy further DLCs.

I sometimes wish I had more money, then I remember I work one day a week, and there’s a price I pay for that freedom. So while I’ll be following DA:O, and I’m definitely feeling the peer pressure to pre-order it and get excitable about it, I think it’s more likely I’ll be playing it in 2010.

For the record, other games I’m looking forward to of the non-MMO variety are Diablo 3 and Deathspank, and even those will probably not be bought on release.

Still, even admitting this makes me feel a bit dirty, and like I’m not a serious enough gamer to be writing about games. Time to read some comics and feel like a serious comics reader ;p



  1. I normally never buy single player games on Day 1. I’m making some exceptions this quarter just because, well, I feel like I need to spoil myself a little bit and I got a raise from my blogging job.

    But generally speaking it seems silly to spend $50-$60US on a new single player game when you can wait a couple months and get it for $30-$40US, or wait a year and get it for $15US. It’ll still be the same game, after all (or if anything it’ll be a better game).

    What we need to do is figure out a way onto this review-copy gravy train that so many bloggers seem to be on!! 🙂

    • Too true! Freebies rock.

  2. […] I don’t have the complete experience, and if I want it, I need to pony up some more cash.  Unlike Arbitrary, I probably will, because I do want that full experience, but it’s a bit much to have right […]

  3. I very much feel the same way, actually I go a little further and turn cheapskating into an art form, calculating the most enjoyable ways to get the most out of my games money.

    If it’s any consolation the people who tend to feel that spending conspicuously is a good thing are generally not rich people.

    The Queen rarely spends so much as a penny when she buys stuff, a good role-model for us all.

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